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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Cant hide forever...

Now I've never hidden the fact that I dont read the newspapers, dont watch the news, and if possible, dont even read the headlines on the Yahoo! homepage before signing into my email.. Not because I'm lazy, find the news boring, or am not interested; no no, none of these reasons.. It's plainly because I cant take the news. The world today is depressing. Everywhere you look its terrorist attacks, or murders, or rape cases, or burglary, or natural disasters killing hundreds and thousands of people.. How can you read all this and not feel depressed? Maybe I'm too sensitive, but I dont really want to know who got murdered or raped yesterday, today, and then someone else tomorrow.. When will it end?

But unless you literaly shut yourself out from the rest of the world, you cant escape hearing / seeing some of the horrors that go on. Someone will mention it, you'll hear someone else discussing it, you'll catch a glimpse of the news and it will drag you into it like a magnet, and lo and behold, its usually the most gruesome cases-you-feel-sick-just-listening-to that you cant walk away from, but stare at in horror / disgust.

Just a couple of days ago, I was told of the Richmond High School gang rape case. I mean, wtf?? How can anyone just stand there and watch?? I'm not even gonna mention the fact that no one, not one person, felt the urge to call the police, or even tell a teacher or someone who could've helped. Now, I'm not saying that anyone should've blindly jumped in and try to play hero; that would've been suicide, but even participating in the attack against this poor girl? I dont care if she was 15 & drunk; I dont care if she was known as a slut or anything. She could've been the most hated person in school, but does that give anyone the right to attack her like that? What human being could even think of doing something like that?? Worse, how could you be a bystander, watch this whole scene unfold in front of your eyes, then go home and sleep peacefully after all is said n done? Is this what the world has come to? And the rapists were aged 15 - 21, FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. I'm at a loss for words.

Which comes to my next point: porn stars. Yes, it's just a "movie" right? The participants were voluntarily involved, it's just for fun, if it wasnt meant to be watched it wouldnt be made, blablablablaBLA. Well please, check out this website that was set up by a former porn star, and learn more about this "clean" & "safe" & "fun" industry, and next time you think of picking up some porn, just think: the "subject" of your visual pleasure might very well be dead right now. All for your viewing pleasure.

Do you know what's even more disgusting? I actually know of people who enjoy watching videos of rape. Yes, you read correctly. One friend's mother even sent her a video of a young girl being gang-raped in a nightclub. Why? Oh, just to try scare her into not going clubbing. Is this right?? So you participate in some poor girl's misery, just to try to shock your daughter? ......

And while we're at it, there are more people than you think who actually enjoy pedophilia. Shocking, but true. So please, join me in helping, in at least spreading the word, of websites such as this: I actually cried when reading and looking at her photos. And it's true what she says: They dont need your tears, they need your money! I am not going to pretend I have donated to this very worthy cause; I havent. I had to decide long ago not to donate to a specific cause long ago, as I end up giving everybody and torture myself feeling guilty about not giving to those I cant afford to.. My wish is to be rich when I am older, not so I can donate more n more (I will, but tats not my main dream), but so I can retire early, and spend my time volunteering .

Everyone should have at least one specific cause that they support with all their heart, and mne is the environment, simply because I can help, and it doesnt break me down as much and as easily as the above cases. So if you are stronger-hearted, please, help these children, these victims, and educate the public on what really happens, and bring humanity back into the world. Even by just writing bout it in your blog, on your facebook updates, or tweeting, will increase the world's knowledge, and increase the possibility of another person helping out. And you, yes you, who are financially stable, please please, dont hesitate to take a little out of your monthly salary to help a cause of your choice; there's so many out there, there must be one that especially touches your heart!

Ok, I've bounced around this page enough now, and this post would never end if I kept connecting the dots to more and more causes and rants.. I hope you actually get my point through all the jumping from here to there. To end on a happier note, life is great!! Enjoy it, and help others see the joy of living.. =)

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