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Sunday, 15 November 2009

I'm on TV!!!!! =D

Yes, I saw it!! The Daia washing detergent ad that I did a few months ago, is finally on air!! I first heard from Syifa that she saw it on TV3, then someone said they'd seen it on NTV7. Then I caught a glimpse of it!! =D Surreal I tell you, and I was left with.. Wanting more!! Seeing yurself on TV is so addictive, and this gives an even better high than on MSF.. Finally, it's coming!! My dream, is within reach!! But it's not on that often (or, not on whenever I'm watching out fr it anyway), as I've only seen it twice.. Yet I had people calling me saying they've seen it on TV2, then on 8tv.. More than once!! So why cant I catch it? No fair!! I wanna see it again, n neither my parents, Oliver or Ray have seen it yet.. Sigh.. ANYhoo.. Here's a couple of photos.. If I get the chance to record the TVC, I'll post it up yea? =)
Behind the scenes...

With one of the makeup artists.. This is what I looked like.. They gave me a wig (cz my hair was a bit too short), and the makeup was to try to make me look older.. Haha..


  1. IM SO GONA catch it on tv too! it looks so interesting! haha...