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Saturday, 14 November 2009

A memorable time in KL

So what have I been doing while I was in KL, after the finals were over? Well, I had a great time! Of course, I wasnt staying in a particular place, but moving around (with a 20kg suicase & a laptop bag mind you!) & staying at my generous friends' places. The night after the finals, Susie and I went back to Peninsula Residence.. The other girls all went back to their own homes, but the both of us dont have permanent homes in KL, so why make a headache out of something that's there right? =) We had fun, just the both of us, talking all night.. We ordered McD, cz we were so hungry!! N this was already midnight!!

The next day, we checked out, then went to lunch with a couple of the 8tv crew (we really have become friends! =) )We actually had a date with our 'nanny' of the show, Siew Tyug (pronounced Tyng, dont ask ;p), but met Kitvy n Nicole halfway, so we all had lunch at.. Pasta Zanmai I think it was called.. It was good! =) We also came across ourselves in Faces magazine, pure accident, while looking for a diff mag, so that made our day.. =) Then we went to Pavilion to jalan-jalan, and as soon as we walked through the doors (n this made me feel like a star =D), 3 guys were walking towards us, when I heard "Eh, Maybelline Top 5!" and then "Bukanlah, Top 10". O.M.G. We were so messy as well, I cant believe we actually got recognized!! *Calista dances around just thinking about it*

Spent the night with Susie and her friends, then met up with Steffy the next day, to spend the weekend with her at her family house in Klang. I have to say, one of the most happiest times of the whole trip - save for the finals of course ;p -was with her in Klang. I like her family, they're all so nice! Plus, her mom's a great cook - u know wat a sucker I am for home-cooked food! =D We went out and had so much fun - she took me to eat Baskin-Robbins (she's an addict =p), clubbing at this great club in Sunway called Helo Bali (I love African music now - it's so cool to groove to!), to eat (she loves these steamboat/hotpot places.. and found out that her fave place is Thai, not Korean! *playfully whacks Stef over the head*), and we just had fun yapping as usual!! Mostly we were hanging with her bro Gary and cuz Scott.. She also surprised me when, the 1st night (she told me this on the car trip on the way there) was gonna be spent having a family dinner!! For some reason, I always get caught up in family dinners - lol!! But it was cool, I've met her whole extensive family now.. Haha.. I also was in the middle of her family's Deepavali lunch celebration, her mom cooked so much!! Unfortunately, I didnt eat that much because it was all spicy - hello, Deepavali, u expected Chinese food meh?? Hahaha.. But luckily her mom was understanding of wat a fuss-pot I can be when it comes to food.. Thank goodness!! I know a lot of people tak tahan with how picky I am.. *sob sob* I actually went back the next weekend, whee~!! And Steffy was trying to get her mom to adopt me - didnt work, wonder why? ;p

I also stayed with my old friend Wendy and her boyfriend Adrian, who were both so nice as to let me stay a second time (last trip I stayed for nearly 3 weeks!!) I feel so blessed to have such great friends.. I just feel like I shuld mention my thanks here, as I sometimes dont really know how to express my gratitude fully in person.. Nalin also let me be her roomie one more time before the finals - as soon as I arrived in KL I stayed at her place for 3 days, and the Fabulous 5 (Nalin, Stef, Sue, Preeta & myself) went clubbing at Changkat with Geetha, Parveen & Anuja for a very memorable night!!

I also helped coordinate an event with Moezik Singapore - old friends & my ex-boss, for YUM! That was so much fun, I miss coordinating events so much.. =( O well, hopefully one day I'll be able to get back into it.. It was great to be able to catch up with Amal, Alan & Moe.. Amal & I wasted no time & chatted into dawn the 1st night - We both got 2 hours sleep!! But it was worth it.. =D

Highlight for me was when Ray arrived.. It's so hard to be apart for 3 whole weeks, yet we've gotten through it twice, and it's only made us stronger.. =) We stayed in Summit Hotel in Subang after the YUM! event, and shopped our hearts out in Sunway etc.. We went to the All American Rejects concert, which... I am gonna tell you about next post!! Haha.. This post is way too long, and u prolly arent that interested, but I dont care, this is a journal post alright?? ;p

PS: Just wanted to thank Regina Ho & her friend for coming to support me during the finals, and not forgetting Kylie Bennington either.. =) It meant so much that you guys were there, thank you!!


  1. u FINALLY update...LOL
    u know wad, sometimes i so forget that i've been on tv, papers n mags that i wonder y r some ppl lookin n smilin at me. to use ur words, "short term memory" hahaha...gona steal that n post in on my blog :p

  2. Haha. I know rite.. Took me long enough!! ;p Hmm.. I dont know whether ppl r starin at me cz they'v seen me in MSF, or cz of d old reasons (rmb my interview in China Express?) I was just complaining the other day that I was thinking my life would be different, but its not that much.. Haha.. Maybe in Sabah not much coverage, that's y.. =(