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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Hands off!!

Yes, hands off you gold-digging aunties!! He's my boyfriend, so stop trying to hook him up with your daughters!! Enough!! Yes, he's young, he's cute, he's successful. So? He's also TAKEN. And please, when you ask him whether he has a girlfriend, and he says yes, don't be so thick-skinned as to ask: "But is she as pretty as my daughter?" For one, I'm sure your daughter is embarrassed as hell as to what you are doing "for" her. Second, just how hot could this daughter of yours be, that she needs you, her mother, to ask random electricians/installers whether they would please, oh please, date her? Why don't you just take her to a rich datuk's house n sell her if that's what you want?

Monday, 28 December 2009

RIP Ebony.. We miss you so much!! ="(

Ebony Miao
April - December 2009

This post was s'posed to be a Christmas post, but, talk about dampening the Christmas mood...

I just found out my cat died. He hasnt been back for over a week, and deep down, I knew something was wrong. He used to stick with us wherever we went, no way would he just not come home. Why didnt we search for him? Well, I'd been told that if we didnt neuter him, he'd start leaving for like a week at a time, so I didnt think anything of it at first. I miss him so much!! =( Ray's very upset too; he loved that cat!! When asked whether she'd seen him (and I cant believe she didnt tell us as soon as she found out! Bitch.), a neighbour said "Oh, I think he's dead." Just like that. Apparently a neighbour told her the other day that a black cat had died at the end of the road, and it had a collar. There are only 2 black cats where we live, and only one has a collar. This happened a week ago. When Ray comes back from work we're going to look for the body. I've been up and down the street, but no sign. I hope we can find him and give him a proper burial. =(

Ebony, we had you for less than a year, and you grew up to be so big!! We love you and will never forget you. I hope you didnt suffer, and that you are in a better place, cat heaven if it exists!! Sorry for the times we left you alone, sorry for not looking for you earlier, and I forgive you for sometimes biting just that lil bit too hard!! This post is dedicated to you.

When we first found him and his siblings, when they were just babies.
When we first took him in..
On the way to the vet, for his shots..

Growing up! (He likes lying on our bed)
The last photo I have of him, taken 13/12/09.. ="((

Ebony being a rascal as usual.. =)

PS: Your X'mas present is still at home waiting for you.. I wish you could've come home for X'mas, as Ray & I had planned.. *sobs*

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!!

'Twas the night before Christmas.. Eve.. Haha.. Well, technically it's Christmas eve MORN right now, seeing as it's 1am.. =)

I love Christmas!! I love the Christmas deco, I love the Christmas trees (I saw one I especially like at 1 Borneo - a really big one decorated with baubles and pink + red teddies hung all over it!!),
I love the Christmas songs, I love exchanging Christmas lists with the fam, I love shopping for presents, I love planning what we're having for Christmas dinner (I LOVELOVE LOVE mom's Christmas dinners!), I just love the feeling of the season-to-be-jolly!! But what I love most? The tradition-since-young: waking up early, just Oli and I, excitedly going through our stockings (yes, we still have them), then rushing out to open all our pressies from under the tree! I don't care that I'm 23 next year, or that Oli is 20 next year either, this is one tradition that makes Christmas!! Then we rush in to the 'rents' bedroom to force them to wake up and open their presents!! Hahaha..
The other joyful thing is, last Christmas and this Christmas, and for many Christmas' to come, Ray has also joined in! He stays over at my house Christmas eve, so he can join in the Christmas spirit the next day!!
And to finish this post off (you must've known this was coming!), I also love.. Knowing I can have loads n loads n loads of roast potatoes for Christmas dinner!! =D Yippee~!! Nyehehe..
Merry X'mas to one and all, and have a very Happy New Year!! (but that's a whole other post ;p)

Saturday, 19 December 2009

How meaningful could...

... a piece of chicken be?

Very, if...

... Your dad saved the best piece, without telling anyone why, then telling you to eat it when you got home. All because you told him it smelt nice on the way out, and you'd pick at the leftovers when you got home.


... You and your boyfriend saved up all month, just to be able to have that one KFC dinner. The look of joy on his face as he bites into that piece of chicken...

These are 2 situations that stick in my mind.. How about you? Or is there anything else that people seem to take for granted, but you've had things happen to make them more than what they seem? Drop me a line! =)

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Hobbycon 2009

I was invited by Regina of Street 2 GLP boutique to be their emcee again for this year's GLP (Gothic - Lolita - Punk) competition. They didnt have their own GLP party this year, and instead joined the Hobbycon and became one of the main events. Here's a couple of photos from last year's emceeing:

With my co-emcee, Alex - the devil to my angel ;p

A couple of the cosplaying contestants - they all had such cool costumes and poses!! They played up the stage really, really well!!
So this year, my costume was black (yippee!), and I just had to do about 2 hours of emceeing, as that was all the time the competition took. The whole Hobbycon was awesome, no doubt thanks to the organization of a certain Julian and Fara from Silverhand.. There were collectible toys stalls, magic stall, and even a tarot card reading stall, where I decided to give it a try, since I have a lot of changes coming up. The tarot reader's name is Afzakri (you can look him up on facebook, he does outside readings too), and he was very friendly, and gives you a prep talk before starting! He said I could ask him anything I wanted, so my first question was:

1. How will modeling and studies go next year?
- Everything will be ok, especially as I'm so patient with it all. I will have good company, and have a lot of fun. Only bad thing is, it will take me quite a long time to settle in.

I can imagine that actually - it's gonna be a big change from what - and who - I'm used to.. =(

2. How will my transition from long-term relationship to long-distance relationship be?
- We'll be fine, though we may have a few problems, as long as we use the right approach to settle them, we'll make it through, happy even. =)

So that's a relief. I was so worried he'd give me a bad reading on that one. At least I have some reassurance now.. My relationship with Ray is one of the things I treasure most, and I really really dont wanna lose that!!

Anyway, other than the stalls, there were also cosplay performances, cosplay competitions, and of course, the GLP competition. It was great! All the costumes were really good, and most of the cosplay costumes were DIY.. I heard that some took a year to complete!! Whoa, I dont think I'd be able to be that creative, or have the patience to make my own costume, expecially not one that was as elaborate as these cosplayers!! Kudos guys!! Oh, and I should also mention that most of the people I met there were really nice and friendly, especially the ones who were in the GLP competition: you guys made my job so much easier; I was so much more at ease!!

Out of all the emcee jobs I've done, I have to say I enjoyed the 2 cosplay ones the most.. Here are some photos from this year's!!
Opening announcements...

The contestants waiting side-stage, with me just at the back!

"How are you enjoying the show from upstairs? =D"
Mohd. Shariff - The crowd loved him, and when he only got one of the consolation prizes you could hear the crowd wasnt pleased...
Syamimi - She was the winner!!
This one had dance moves all over the stage...
The expression and attitude was pin-point, and I loved the way he threw the Jack (Nightmare Before Christmas) soft toy all around!
The show's very own China Doll - with attitude! =)

Sorry that I couldnt get all the contestants' photos, these are all I have for now!! If anyone has any, please do provide a link to your blog, or wherever they're uploaded to so I may share with everyone, thanks!
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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Emo + Confused post..

If you don't feel like hearing me randomly rant and basically confuse you, you don't have to read on..

I'm just in such a dilemma right now!! I want to move to KL to work on my modeling career, but at the same time, I really do not want to leave my boyfriend!! He cant move with me because, well, it would be selfish of me to uproot him when he already has a successful career here in KK.. The plan is basically for me to also continue studying while I'm in KL, and I have come to the conclusion that I will do a one year foundation course, then go on to do a degree in mass communication. I cant go straight to degree as I dont have enough credits, and I cant do a diploma because my dad doesnt believe in them! He actually wants me to do A Levels, but I refuse as I think it will be a waste of time and money, as I will most definately fail them; I'm not going through all the commerce/accounting/math classes again!! BUT, at first I was thinking of a diploma, which is 2 and a half years, or straight to degree, which is 3 years. Bf and I agreed on this. But now I have to add foundation, which means I'll have to be there for FOUR years!! How will we stand being seperated for at least 4 years? And.. What if I succeed in my dream and dont want to come back? What then? It's just so confusing!!

I have a good life right now here, but I cant do nothing for the rest of my life - it's already boring me!! And I know if I dont take this opportunity given to me I'll regret it for the rest of my life, and a relationship of hate will not go down in the long run will it?! Sigh.. So what should I do? Go over and not study (might regret that, and bf insists I do study anyway)? Go over and do a diploma (resulting in unhappy dad, and a waste of another couple of years)? Or what? Argh~!! I hate this!!!