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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Hands off!!

Yes, hands off you gold-digging aunties!! He's my boyfriend, so stop trying to hook him up with your daughters!! Enough!! Yes, he's young, he's cute, he's successful. So? He's also TAKEN. And please, when you ask him whether he has a girlfriend, and he says yes, don't be so thick-skinned as to ask: "But is she as pretty as my daughter?" For one, I'm sure your daughter is embarrassed as hell as to what you are doing "for" her. Second, just how hot could this daughter of yours be, that she needs you, her mother, to ask random electricians/installers whether they would please, oh please, date her? Why don't you just take her to a rich datuk's house n sell her if that's what you want?


  1. LMAO!!! I agree with the very last line XD! Gosh, I didn't know these aunties were that desperate. I don't think they want Ray to date their daughters just like that. I think probably they just jealous or 'bu dai de' YOU are the girlfriend XD. hahahahahahha~

  2. Whoa gal..... Cooool down....~~ But this is definitely interesting... LoLz~

  3. Vina: They dont even know I'm the gf, just wanna make sure their daughters get rich bf gua.. Stuid la they all.. Lol..

    Dra: Hahahaha.. I know rite.. VERY interesting.. As to how much they value their daughters!! Ish..

  4. love reading about those local habits, so crass!