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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Hobbycon 2009

I was invited by Regina of Street 2 GLP boutique to be their emcee again for this year's GLP (Gothic - Lolita - Punk) competition. They didnt have their own GLP party this year, and instead joined the Hobbycon and became one of the main events. Here's a couple of photos from last year's emceeing:

With my co-emcee, Alex - the devil to my angel ;p

A couple of the cosplaying contestants - they all had such cool costumes and poses!! They played up the stage really, really well!!
So this year, my costume was black (yippee!), and I just had to do about 2 hours of emceeing, as that was all the time the competition took. The whole Hobbycon was awesome, no doubt thanks to the organization of a certain Julian and Fara from Silverhand.. There were collectible toys stalls, magic stall, and even a tarot card reading stall, where I decided to give it a try, since I have a lot of changes coming up. The tarot reader's name is Afzakri (you can look him up on facebook, he does outside readings too), and he was very friendly, and gives you a prep talk before starting! He said I could ask him anything I wanted, so my first question was:

1. How will modeling and studies go next year?
- Everything will be ok, especially as I'm so patient with it all. I will have good company, and have a lot of fun. Only bad thing is, it will take me quite a long time to settle in.

I can imagine that actually - it's gonna be a big change from what - and who - I'm used to.. =(

2. How will my transition from long-term relationship to long-distance relationship be?
- We'll be fine, though we may have a few problems, as long as we use the right approach to settle them, we'll make it through, happy even. =)

So that's a relief. I was so worried he'd give me a bad reading on that one. At least I have some reassurance now.. My relationship with Ray is one of the things I treasure most, and I really really dont wanna lose that!!

Anyway, other than the stalls, there were also cosplay performances, cosplay competitions, and of course, the GLP competition. It was great! All the costumes were really good, and most of the cosplay costumes were DIY.. I heard that some took a year to complete!! Whoa, I dont think I'd be able to be that creative, or have the patience to make my own costume, expecially not one that was as elaborate as these cosplayers!! Kudos guys!! Oh, and I should also mention that most of the people I met there were really nice and friendly, especially the ones who were in the GLP competition: you guys made my job so much easier; I was so much more at ease!!

Out of all the emcee jobs I've done, I have to say I enjoyed the 2 cosplay ones the most.. Here are some photos from this year's!!
Opening announcements...

The contestants waiting side-stage, with me just at the back!

"How are you enjoying the show from upstairs? =D"
Mohd. Shariff - The crowd loved him, and when he only got one of the consolation prizes you could hear the crowd wasnt pleased...
Syamimi - She was the winner!!
This one had dance moves all over the stage...
The expression and attitude was pin-point, and I loved the way he threw the Jack (Nightmare Before Christmas) soft toy all around!
The show's very own China Doll - with attitude! =)

Sorry that I couldnt get all the contestants' photos, these are all I have for now!! If anyone has any, please do provide a link to your blog, or wherever they're uploaded to so I may share with everyone, thanks!
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  1. ^_^ thank you for the wonderful comment about me... xD well, for me...i don't mind about the consolation prize coz i didn't join the GLP competition to win the contest, i just wanted to show the GLP contestant and Street 2 something that they haven't seen for the last 2 years of GLP Competition :) ...FIY, i was dressing as Gothic Progressive Metal from UK, and it's an honor to meet you on that day, Ms. Calista Liew...