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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!!

'Twas the night before Christmas.. Eve.. Haha.. Well, technically it's Christmas eve MORN right now, seeing as it's 1am.. =)

I love Christmas!! I love the Christmas deco, I love the Christmas trees (I saw one I especially like at 1 Borneo - a really big one decorated with baubles and pink + red teddies hung all over it!!),
I love the Christmas songs, I love exchanging Christmas lists with the fam, I love shopping for presents, I love planning what we're having for Christmas dinner (I LOVELOVE LOVE mom's Christmas dinners!), I just love the feeling of the season-to-be-jolly!! But what I love most? The tradition-since-young: waking up early, just Oli and I, excitedly going through our stockings (yes, we still have them), then rushing out to open all our pressies from under the tree! I don't care that I'm 23 next year, or that Oli is 20 next year either, this is one tradition that makes Christmas!! Then we rush in to the 'rents' bedroom to force them to wake up and open their presents!! Hahaha..
The other joyful thing is, last Christmas and this Christmas, and for many Christmas' to come, Ray has also joined in! He stays over at my house Christmas eve, so he can join in the Christmas spirit the next day!!
And to finish this post off (you must've known this was coming!), I also love.. Knowing I can have loads n loads n loads of roast potatoes for Christmas dinner!! =D Yippee~!! Nyehehe..
Merry X'mas to one and all, and have a very Happy New Year!! (but that's a whole other post ;p)

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