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Monday, 28 December 2009

RIP Ebony.. We miss you so much!! ="(

Ebony Miao
April - December 2009

This post was s'posed to be a Christmas post, but, talk about dampening the Christmas mood...

I just found out my cat died. He hasnt been back for over a week, and deep down, I knew something was wrong. He used to stick with us wherever we went, no way would he just not come home. Why didnt we search for him? Well, I'd been told that if we didnt neuter him, he'd start leaving for like a week at a time, so I didnt think anything of it at first. I miss him so much!! =( Ray's very upset too; he loved that cat!! When asked whether she'd seen him (and I cant believe she didnt tell us as soon as she found out! Bitch.), a neighbour said "Oh, I think he's dead." Just like that. Apparently a neighbour told her the other day that a black cat had died at the end of the road, and it had a collar. There are only 2 black cats where we live, and only one has a collar. This happened a week ago. When Ray comes back from work we're going to look for the body. I've been up and down the street, but no sign. I hope we can find him and give him a proper burial. =(

Ebony, we had you for less than a year, and you grew up to be so big!! We love you and will never forget you. I hope you didnt suffer, and that you are in a better place, cat heaven if it exists!! Sorry for the times we left you alone, sorry for not looking for you earlier, and I forgive you for sometimes biting just that lil bit too hard!! This post is dedicated to you.

When we first found him and his siblings, when they were just babies.
When we first took him in..
On the way to the vet, for his shots..

Growing up! (He likes lying on our bed)
The last photo I have of him, taken 13/12/09.. ="((

Ebony being a rascal as usual.. =)

PS: Your X'mas present is still at home waiting for you.. I wish you could've come home for X'mas, as Ray & I had planned.. *sobs*


  1. babe.. i love your video~ he's cute! omg... =~(

  2. I know right.. *sobs* Everytime I come in the front door my heart hurts.. I miss hearing the meows before I even got to d door (he used to run to the door whenever he heard the car in the driveway, or keys in the door), and I miss how I'd open the door to him lyin on d floor with all 4 paws pushing the door, like his personal playground ride.. ="(