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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Late post

Omigosh. AGAIN! I havent updated for so long.. So embarrassed.. Sigh~ Discipline!! ....

Anyhoo.. I was just going thru my previous posts, and noticed I didnt put up pix of my new charm bracelet as promised.. So here they are, nice leh~ ;p

O, also, check out this link

It's a great new blog, mostly about travel n places in Sabah. He also touches on the going-ons around town, and urs truly also contributes once in a while. This is 1 of them. Follow the Odysseyist!!

I also did the photoshoot on Sunday! Had to wake at 5.30am, cz had to meet the MUA at 7am.. ... I know rite.. LOL!! But it was lucky we did it so early, cz as soon as we finished at 12.xxpm, it started to rain~!! We did casual beach wear, but kinda went out of topic.. Lol.. We had too much fun wif d trees!! Stupid big, red ants were in the way though, else we could've done at so many different places! N sandflies love me as much as mosquitoes do.. Sigh~ Woe is me.. ;p Anyway, it was great, 8 photographers, Chroe the MUA, and me.. We all gelled real good!! They were really easy and fun to work with.. Hopefully we'll be doing it again soon! It was great practice for me, and I hope they got what they wanted too.. Will post some pix up as soon as I get them, but for now, a special mention to Ashley, Arthur, & co!!