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Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Omg, I cannot tahan liao!! I'm SOOO bored!! I guess everyone can tell though eh, since I've been updating this blog every day... Haha... I'm here sitting in the office with NOTHING to do, and best thing is, everyone's busy with relatives so I have no stress at all... One problem though: I am boredying, as Sharin would say!! I am falling asleep on my laptop... I don't know what to do on the net anymore, Ray's gone to Sandaken, Oli can't use his hp at work so I can't bug him, S'Mal's busy with work, Jovanny is on the phone instead of layan-ing me, Alan is out... Grr~!!

Plus, now I'm hungry. As usual. N I want FOOD, yummy food... KFC, McD, BK, Kenny Rogers... Mmm~ Figures that I love all the food that keeps me fat... Going to gym just keeps me from getting fatter, cz aft gym I go straight down n stufff myself!! ... Gonna be at least 2kgs heavier when I come back from KL, I can feel it!! ;p

Speaking of KL, planning & packing is fun yet... Exhausting... Haha... Plans are NEARLY done, just waiting for a few more details then we should be good... Packing, trying to take as little as possible, so I can bring more back, if you know what I mean... *wink* Can't wait to go, all these mixed emotions swirling round my stomach, I actually felt sick last night!! Anxious, excited, happy... Sigh... Plus got too much to do in 5 days!! Birth cert isn't here yet either.. Slow as usual.. Shud've done it by now, but welcome to this fast-paced place!

Ooh, ooh!! I LOVE my new kittens!! This mommy cat just had 4 kittens at Ray's house, so now they're all mine!! I don't have any photos yet, but I'll post them up soon.. The mommy's a ginger cat called Mommy, then the kittens are all different colours: Black 1 is called Ebony, white 1 Vanilla, grey 1 Snuggie, n the white with brown tips 1 is Dumpling.. Hihii... *love*

Ok, gonna see what's on youtube I guess... Or scrounge through blogs.. Nyehehe...

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I hate Vanessa Hudgens

Ok, so the title has nothing really to do with this post, but in a way, it does. The 'innocent, sweet young girl', who's nude pix came up on the net. Yet another example of someone pretending to be someone they're not. It seems I am surrounded by people like this, n I have to say, it's so annoying!! The girl with an LV bag, yet with cheap clothes, shoes, jewellry, and.. Boyfriend? Haha.. My dear, there are a lot of people who can tell the difference between a fake and a genuine, n no, before anyone wants to ask, I myself do NOT own a bag that costs over RM1k. I do not WANT to own such a bag, at least, not now. As I always say, when I can have over RM1000 in my purse at any given time, I'll buy a thousand ringgit bag. As of now, I cant afford that, so I refuse to save months of salary just to get 1. I'm freaking 22, have a normal job... Not a socialite, or high ranking executive.. I dont have a multi-millionaire as a boyfriend, and neither do I want one. Unless he's self-made, and preferably his name is Ray. Then I'd know for sure I'm not in a relationship with a rich boy who thinks his money can get him whatever he wants.

Then there's the so-called 'friend', who apparently has enough money to buy a block of shops. Yeah right. Where's the small amount of money you have to pay to buy a particular share in a particular coffee shop? Even agreed to let you pay in 2 instalments. Well buddy, you're already overdue! Such a small amount, what's the problem? I mean, you're mummy's SOOOO rich right? Idiot. If you don't have the money, go back to being a little salesman n don't try to fill shoes that are too big for you!! And of course when someone sells a share he'll have a profit, hello, get it through your thick head that said person is not selling cos he has no money, jus no time! He's not desperate for your money, and doesn't have to sell to you! So when you come back from whatever hole you're in "outstation", come talk to me n I'll tell you once and for all: I. Am. Not. Selling. To. You. Go suck an egg. Why don't you give me RM1k a month until you've finished paying then? Yeah, and I'll give you one chair every month. Do you think I'm begging you to buy? Just give back what you've taken n beat it. Other people want it, and are willing to pay more. And a question: If the shop used RM2 to buy this, and sells it at RM4, will you complain that they're getting profit? Duh! Obviously SOMEONE won't succeed as a businessman. Conman maybe. N don't go around saying things like "O, he's selling so expensive", or "He's forcing me to give him the money too fast". Once again: The price that is given, and the time frame? U either agree or you don't. Take your pick.

So to sum everything up, to all you fakers n posers out there, quit trippin'!! Ain't worth it in the end. You still become the "star" of the comedy that is life. At least I get to laugh everyday I guess. One good thing comes out of it.

Monday, 18 May 2009

My life..

Just a quick update on what's been happening:

HAHAHA~ Jovanny, u cant lie to me ok, I know you so well!! ;p Next time we stuff ourselves with sushi again ok? Hihii.. How's that for a good "welcome back"? =) And don't forget the shopping... Sigh, no self-control at all!! I dread to see what I'm gonna buy in KL!!

Speaking of KL, I CAN"T WAIT!! Get to see my favourite people in the whole world, get to go to a place I've never been before, SHOPPING, THEME PARKS, FOOOOOD... Hehe.. 6days is too long to wait!!!!!

Had Korean food at Kung Korean Restaurant in Damai on Saturday. Good stuff, though it was a bit slow due to staff shortage. This is what I had:

Sorry, had to start 1st, couldnt wait.. *shy*

It's like corned beef fried with onions.. Now, I dont eat onions, yet I polished this off, so you have to think how nice it was.. =)

Just finished another promo job, using my best gals.. Hihii.. See? I always praise you guys to high heaven!! That was a good job anyway. But anymore? Hello? I need more jobs!! (So I don't spend all day watching Chelsea Lately) =D

On another note, Adam Lambert NEEDS to win American Idol 8!! He is like, oh my God, the BEST! Haha.. Guess who's gonna be his groupie? ;p I mean, you would love this guy even if he DIDN'T look so hot, but all together? *swoon* My MOM loves him for pete's sake!! He can sing slow songs rock songs fast songs love songs, you name it, he'll put magic into it... Sigh.. =D

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Sunset Couple!!

Me & Ray had our very 1st photo shoot the other weekend by photographers John Hon & Keith Lo, who are actually friends of ours. It was fun, and I love the pix! Here are a few for you to see:

And they also took a few of me alone.. Hihii..

The sunset was really nice, not as nice as a few days before, as it looked like rain, but they still managed to capture the beauty... The waves were REALLY high as well!! Bit scary really, the beach of Tg. Aru is getting smaller it seems, with the sea coming up higher and higher....

Casual Beach Photo Shoot

Oh, I promised photos, so here they are! Some of the photos from my beach photoshoot. I have the photos from 5 of the photographers, so I'll put 1 from each photographer. =)

Ashley Koh - My main contact

Tnuz - Fastest to post online

Manchew - The bank officer

Yazid - Ready for my close-up!

Fred - The only pic where you can actually see it's at the beach!

So what do you think? Ok or not? I loved working with these guys.. They were so friendly and easy to work with.. Would love to do it again! We we all shy at first, but luckily we got on well and forgot about being shy.. They havent really seen the crazy side of me yet, but let's not scare them away so fast eh? ;p

Random Spewings

I am so not gonna mention how long I havent even OPENED this browser this time..

Anyhoo, I'm just gonna randomly start typing so try not to get confused ok? ;p

Been quite busy recently, with work, gym, jobs, whatnot.. But no-one really gets it. I stay up all night doing profiles, and in the end you get the "Oh, I can't do this job", or "Pay so low la". Well my pay is even lower ok, so please la. I don't care what the price is, it's still more than you get now anyway!! Will you guys please climb out of your own asses n come back to the real world? It's not gonna be handed to you on a plate you know! To do all of this I have to stop myself from doing other things, and just cz I dont tell you, doesnt mean it doesnt happen! N I work from 10 - 6pm, then gym from 6 - 9pm. When I get home, just leave me be, is that too much to ask? Sometimes I get home n I'm STILL working on these promo job details or whatever. Yea, so, maybe it doesnt bring in that much money, but everyone has to start somewhere. It's a climb to the top, every career starts this way! N can I have a few mins peace watchin telly befre you start nagging this, nagging that? ...

Sorry. Just needed to rant. It's hard when you cant voice these things out face to face with someone. It's not just the lack of people I can do that with, but it's just not who I am. I find it hard to write all this down, knowing you guys are gonna read it, let alone actually saying it to people. I try to force myself to let some of this out, as I know it's good for me, but... You think it's easy telling someone your deepest dreams, or pain? Let alone try talking to people who cant seem to be bothered anyway, as most people are in this day & age? Everyone's too busy for anybody else. I admit, I have these times too, when I cant be bothered, but most of the time, I do listen to others' problems or joy. I may not have the right advice, I may not know what to say even, but I think letting it out does wonders.

Emceed for another event with Bandwidth Streetpress. The organizer said it was good, but I personally dont even rate it as ok. I know 1 particular woman (wink) is gonna lecture me for saying this stuff, especially in public, but nevermind la.. Maybe I need a lecture.. Hihii.. I still think my best emcee job was the 2009 Hell or Heaven Cosplay party.. Tht came so easily altho it was technically my first time. Why cant I think of anything to say during these more important events? N why dont the words come out properly?? Come to think of it, why am I not right at ALL for any of the things I want to do? I know where my talent is, n I like doing those things too, but there are other things I want to do more and.. ARGH!! ...

Ok, i'm gonna stop complaining now.. ... Good news: I am legal!! Hahahahaha~ Lol.. Ok, well I can call myself Malaysian now.. ;p Got my citizenship cert, and my NRIC num!! Just gotta get the card now, then can get passport, then watch out world!! Haha.. But I AM going to KL next weekend, and am so excited!! =D Am planning to get my driver's license soon too, so Ray, Dad, Jovanny etcetc can STOP NAGGING!! =p

Busy week this week too.. Met Pumpkin, who just came back from S'pore, last nite; Meeting Vina for our way overdue yamcha session; Wendy's back on Sat, and should be having Korean wif my ex-classmates; N hopefully meeting Lok on Sunday!! Was s'posed to meet Loges last Sunday, but she did a vanishing act.. Hmm.. LOGES!! Where are you?? You've got me all confused la babe!!

Oh, new friends! Met a girl called Stephanie (few weeks ago, but just that night realised we click =)). Hopefully we'll be able to meet up soon, I could use more friends, and no! Anyone outside of Sabah, you dont count!! Hahahahaha~ (Hear that Amal, Jov, Sha?? ;p) N I've gotta catch up with Queenie, as we dont see each other enough.. Sigh..

I've gotta manage my time more.. There's loadsa things I need, and want, to do.. But never seem to find the time!! Yes, I procrastinate way too much, and I'm trying to get the lazy bug out of my system!! Oliver, you need to do this way more than I do as well! So imagine how bad you are!! Keke~

"Some have the talent, some have the drive. What do you do when both things are in different family members??" - This is something that popped into my mind. I know, I know. The one with talent but no drive will not succeed, while the one with drive but no talent will. But really? It's not that simple. Sometimes I just find it so sad. Why couldnt the one with drive get a little of the one one with talent's talent? And vice versa? If only the world was so easy eh?