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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

4th webisode: Co-operation is Key!

The 4th episode of the reality show finally reveals the truth: It was a scam!! That was NOT the challenge!! Argh~!! When Sarah Lian announced that particular piece of news I could've slapped someone!! ... Panic for nothing.. ... N we had to do it all over again?? Sigh..

But when I was watching it, I was still LOLing.. The memories!! Haha.. We didnt really know each other yet at that time.. So when I was partnered with Diana, I had no idea wat to expect.. It was from that moment on I think, when we actually clicked.. I tell you, I think I nearly gave this girl a heart attack with my makeup skills.. Haha.. She had "shocked" written all over her face wenever she looked at me.. Ahahaha.. Hers was actually quite good.. Just a lil "draw the eyeliner on ur left eye a bit longer" etc comments from me were needed.. Whereas mine.. Well.. I guess u could see.. ;p

A friend of my PR manager a.k.a. Oliver has written a lovely post on her blog to support me in my race to become Maybelline Ny's Simply Fabulous Petite Model!! Do check it out n leave some kind comments!!

Thanks so much Jas!! =D

Unfortunately, my general manager/mentor a.k.a. S'Mal (Or Gummy Bear as she is now known.. Muahaha~) has not been able to get online.. *sobs* I need to talk to u woman!! Withdrawal symptoms!! =( She is the one who gave me my 1st stepping stone into this the modeling world, n gave me the knowledge I needed to know to equip myself for the brutalities of the industry.. She encouraged me when no one else would give me the time of day, but at the same time, never gave me false hope. If anyone can give you the right catwalk training, photographic training, or just knowledge on the modeling world, it's this woman. The modeling studio in Sabah is now only an agency, but she's still so eager to impart this knowledge to us younger generation, she has started a website where u can get the knowledge right in your own home!! Click this link to see and join, u will not be disappointed, that I promise you.

I'm on there too, drop me a message! ;p

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

3rd Webisode: The games begin..

I LOVE the 3rd Webisode!! U GOTTA watch it!! I can't believe it came out like that!! Hahaha.. Now this is where u see way more of us, n way more of ME!! Nyehehe.. Sorry for the monster-sounding voice.. I was losing my voice that week.. ='( N I really did poke my eye.. Lol..

As you can probably see.. I was laughing throughout the challenge.. Can't believe I was so incoherrent that they had to give me subtitles.. haha.. So what do u think? C'mon guys, give me some comments here, good or bad, i dont mind!! N with this webisode, you should have SOMEthing to say.. I mean, now this is where the REAL excitement starts!! =D Don't you agree that this is, the most entertaining yet? ;p N the flood of memories that came back.. Lovin n missin all the Fab gals n crew!!

I hope you're following this show n loving it as much as I do.. N stay tuned, cz there's way more to come.. Love to ALL.. xoxo

Oh, we have more write-ups!! Feel free to comment on their blogs everyone.. They're the one's giving us the publicity!! Plus, by commenting and entering their contests, u may win fabulous prizes!! ;p




2nd webisode: The Makeup Tutorial

Have you been following the webisodes? If you have, then congrats!! You probably now know how to successfully (well, better than before at least!) apply makeup, then how to add to intensify it into night makeup!! =)

So this webisode is more of a tutorial/Maybelline ad, but it's cool to watch all the same.. I ddt get much screen time (nobody did, but then, we were all learning something valuable), BUT if you look closely, I got EXTRA screen time.. Haha.. Confused? Then watch, watch the 2nd webisode AGAIN, closely this time, n u'll see what I mean.. ;p If u still can't c it, I'll reveal the answer when the 3rd webisode comes out..

Mysterious.. Enjoy!! =D

Monday, 28 September 2009

1st webisode: Arriving at the hotel

Well, the 1st webisode came out right on the dot of 12am today!! N I loves it!! Have u watched? If u have, whaddya think? If u havent, GO WATCH IT NOW!! Haha..

There's not a lot of me in it, n a lot of u have been sayin I looked a lil nervous.. Well, I was!! Not gonna deny it.. Lol.. 1st time in front of a camera like that.. I'm proud for not blabbering all over the place!! ;p My fave part of webisode 1? I like that they put my star pillow in it!! Hahahaha.. (I'm nuts, I know.. ;p) AND I like the hug between Nalin n I.. *aww* We'd only jz met each other like.. 5 minutes ago!! =D
What about u? Plz do leave me comments here, or on the support group in fb (Here's the link again: and even in the chatbox that's below the video on the 8tv site!!

Can't wait for the next webisode.. Make sure u tune in for the fun!! =D

Oh, another fabulous creation by OLIVER LIEW - and yes, my brother is as fabulous as I am!!
PS: Anyone interested in his photoshopping services? They are for sale.. Just let me know n I'll hook u guys up!! U know he's the best.. This is self-taught!! ;p

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Calista - On a screen near you... TODAY!!

It's the 28th of September, n time for the 1st webisode of Maybelline NY's Simply Fabulous!! (Finally!) =D Is it up yet? Well, you'll have to go take a look!! In the meantime, again, facebook group is Join, support, n most importantly, PLEASE DO PUT IN YOUR VOTES FOR ME!! ;p

Why is this a really short post? Cz I'm so friggin' excited!! Can't type properly!! ;p

Are you ready?!

Tomorrow is the big day!! Webisodes will be airing, and I need YOU to support me and VOTE!! Yes, voting starts tomorrow too, so these 2 weeks are my only chance to get the much-needed 30% of the final results!! 30% public voting, and 70% judging.. So YOU, the public, play a very big role in deciding who, out of all the top 10, get to represent Maybelline Simply Fabulous and go to New York Fashion Week!! *drool --- followed by uncontrollable swooning*

My beloved brother has created a group on facebook for me!! You can join it here Check out the 2 great photos he did for me!! The profile one, and another one that has the Simply Fabulous logo on it.. Go see; U'll spot it!! *Calista tackles Oliver to the ground and starts smacking wet kisses all over his face* Special thanks also go out to all the admin members: My one & only S'Mal, Katherine, and Sharin.. THESE ARE MY LADIES!!

On 2nd thoughts, here are the photos for you to see here: =D

Cool right?? This is why I love my brother!! =D=D=D

Saturday, 26 September 2009

2 more days..

Til the webisodes for Maybelline Simply Fabulous start!! I know, I know.. I've been talking about it so much, u all know all about it now.. BUT finally, the webisodes are finally gonna start!! Mark your calendars everyone, come 28th September Calista will be live online!! Haha.. No more disguising the weirdo in me, it'll be full-blown on your computer screen!! Remember to log on to EVERYDAY for a new webisode!! =D

PS: Found another blog post about us.. =)

I want to personally thank Rachel P. Thi Han for making my day.. That was the best compliment I've had.. Thanks for the support, and it's people like you who make me want to work even harder!! Thanks babe!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Another one, local this time!!

Just found out from a friend that there's a small article about Maybelline Simply Fabulous in the local newspaper, Daily Express. Now, this is the paper my family buys every day, so why didn't I know about it? Well, because they only put it in the tiny Malay section! Why? =( Don't you wanna cover it in the main paper? I think this counts as a pretty big contest.. You should be covering it, as should the other local papers, plus our two great local mags!! I could do an exclusive! Hey!! Anyone?! *Calista jumps up n down n waves her hands in the air* We want another Sabahan winner among us don't we? =D

Lol.. Anyway.. Unfortunately, I cant find the article online to show you guys so.. If you can, get today's Harian Ekspress!! It's in the entertainment section.. =)

So how was your Eid?

Hey everyone!! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!

So it's the 3rd day of Eid.. Back to work tomorrow for most, but what I wanna know is, how did u spend the even first 2 days? For me, I'm like such a ditz. I didnt even realize it was the first day of Eid on Sunday.. I thought it was gonna be on Monday *whack forehead*. So anyhoo, yea, my eve was spent shopping with Ray's friend Michelle at Wisma Merdeka (I bought the black booties I've been eyeing for so long! Whee~!!) and then at night having a tantrum in Ray's room over plans gone haywire. Not gonna go into details, but let's say it wasnt pretty..

1st day the "heated discussion" continued, until finally we went out and watched , the Korean film. My rating: Passable lah.. But I have nightmares about this kinda thing, n true enough, that night was plagued with all different bad things happening in my dreams.. Sigh.. Why can't the world be safer? No worries about natural disasters, n more importantly, not needing to worry about your safety from mankind itself. I personally think man-made disasters and dangers are way scarier than natural. And supernatural come to think of it.

Back to my night. While waiting for the movie (11.20pm, n everywhere was closed in 1 Borneo), we went into a new bar to have a look around and Ray had a drink. Met Yenni n Vivian there, so that was a pleasant surprise. Ice Bar it's called. Now, anyone who knows me knows bars arent my type of place: I don't drink and there's no dance floor, what else can I say? But the worst thing was, they had these 4 girls (GIRLS, not even women! They looked about 18!) dressed in tiny sparkly stuff, dancing on little platforms in each corner of the room! That's bad enough, but to add on that 1. they werent pretty, 2. they didnt have good bodies, and 3. I dont even dance well but I could do better than them!! Basically they were just there as eye-candy, but sorry to say, no one was even paying attention to them! Sigh.. What future do these girls have, if they're bar dancers at 18? Imagine if you went into a bar and saw your daughter up there? *shame* N what I don't understand is, why this is allowed (apparently most bars have them now), when even the VMAs were censored? Makes no sense at all.. ...

... Ok, I'm ranting again. *stop it Calista*

2nd day I had dim sum at Foo Phing for b'fast, yum! Then shopping with Michelle again at cp, then she bought a new cam at Karamunsing. Man, this gal can spend!! Haha.. I had fun watching her, even though I didn't have that much stuff to buy myself.. =D Later on, we had steamboat/bbq buffet at Nelayan, Taman Tun Fuad, and stuffed ourselves with so many prawns, I can't even remember how many plate-fulls we had!! Finished off the night with a yamcha session at Alex's cafe in Lintas, Frenz Cafe, and poof!! Goodbye Hari Ray hols, n goodbye Michelle (she left early d next morn, back to Sandakan).

So that was my boring holiday (Geez, I know, even a boring holiday can be such a long post; punya longwinded!! ;p). Tell me bout urs? D cookies? D duit raya? D open houses? *sniffles* I want!!

Thursday, 17 September 2009


Oh, how I wish I could travel the world!! Japan, Greece, Brazil, New Zealand, even Antartica.. And I would LOVE to go on a safari in Africa!! But hey, what better way to start than with a trip to New York, USA? (Haha, sorry, i just had to put that in! ;p)

For reasons beyond my control, I have not been able to travel out of Malaysia since I came here from England when I was 7 years old.. *sob* So instead, what I did was travel all over Sabah!! Haha.. N if I don't get to travel out of the country soon, be prepared to see me in every state in M'sia~!! Cz I get bored. I dont sit still. N I wanna see places I've never seen before!! So if anyone wants to sponsor me *ahem*, please do let me know!! ;p

But no matter what happens, if, sorry, WHEN (gotta stay positive ;p) I win Maybelline Simply Fabulous, I will go to New York, n finally break free in the land of liberty!! Wahahahaha~!! You see how excited I am? Cant u just feel it? Well in that case, please please please help me achieve my dream, n VOTE for me starting 28th Sept!! It only takes up 30% of the results (70% is based on judges), but hey, 30% is 30% nearer to my goal, n 30% nearer to travelling to the US of A!! When I come back, who knows where I'll go? But I can promise you this: Be prepared for many more stories and photos from around the world.

Love you ppl!! Xoxo *wink*

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I dedicate this post to my beloved... Potatoes...

I cant even begin to describe the love I feel for you.
You are so yummy, I can even eat your skin..
I love you roasted, mashed, fried, steamed, baked...
I love you on your own, in soup, with butter, with gravy, with salt and vinegar...
Any way you are prepared, you will always be my favourite...
Ah - Potatoes.

I could have you every day and not get bored.
Your creamy texture, I cannot refuse;
Your sweet fragrance, I cannot deny.
I feel I'm in heaven every time I taste you;
Oh my! I'm addicted; obsessed!
Ah - Potatoes!

Monday, 14 September 2009

New photos!!

Levi's Promo Shoot - Red Tab Tee & Curves Jeans

New photos from the contest were posted up, so I thought I'd post a few of them here, plus my profile vid.. Haha.. Enjoy ppl, n again, honest opinions greatly appreciated!!

Profile 4 - Calista & Kim

After our task at the party in 21 Kitchen & Bar

Press Conference in process.. ;p

Another angle of my 'vision' =)

Also, there have been a few more write-ups, so links here!






Anyone see any other articles, please please drop me the link!! *kisses*

Saturday, 12 September 2009

My profile video's out!! =D

So it's out!! My profile video is in Profile 4 on the site, which again, is!! Have you seen it? What do you think? I like it a lot more than I was expecting to!! haha~ I've gotten some good comments so far, so I hope everyone likes it.. Feedback anyone? =)
Profile photo.. =)

I can't wait for the webisodes to come out.. So impatient!! We also did the press conference early this week.. I was SO happy to see the girls, the crew, n everyone else I've become friends with in that short amount of time!! Went to Preeta's (her apartment is gorgeous.. Kudos to her mom, who I assume is the mastermind behind all the interior design? ;p), then we had b'fast at a mamak called Devi's, which is really near her place..

When we got to Sri Pentas, where the press conference was being held, I immediately went hyper again!! Having literally NO sleep the nite b4 (tis is wat happens when u put me n Jovanny in a rom together after not gossiping in so long, hii!!), I sometimes doubt I'm human.. But anyway, the press conference went well, except for the part where I had to speak on stage (intro n answer a question). Nerves r rili bad, as my mind went blank! Plus, I didnt really wanna repeat wat the others had said.. Hmm.. O well.. I think I did good with the interview with The Star newspaper.. They picked 4 of us, which was Nalin, Sue, Steffy and I (The gang! =D) to do the interview upstairs, away from the crowd.. I also got a short interview in wif another paper, but I didnt catch where she was from.. So, if ANYONE sees ANY coverage whatsoever of the Maybelline NY Simply Fabulous in any newspapers, magazines and so on, please do let me know!!

After the conference, a few of us made our way out for makan (food). We ended up at Old Town White Coffee in a place called Centrepoint.. Not all of us could join though (*pout*), so in the end it was just Preeta, Sue, Nalin, Steffy, Zhareen (plus bf, Ian), and I.. At the end of it I was a bit down cz i didnt wanna leave these gals so soon.. I have so much fun when I'm with them!! But Sue & I managed a little trip to Steffy's place for an hour or so, so I was happy.. haha.. Not gonna see them for another month!! *sniff*

I've had so much fun, I really dont want this experience to end.. I want October to come quickly, so that we can all have fun again, but at the same time, October marks the end of this journey together.. I know whether I win or not (I seriously hope with all my heart I DO!), I will be taking this experience and new friends with me.. N that, is priceless..

Monday, 7 September 2009

Go watch the vids!!

The profile vids are out!! =D Ok, so maybe not my personal one yet, but u can catch me in d 1st vid, during top 100 auditions (for some reason, my voice is so low when recorded!! But my profile vid is gonna sound so funny.. Lol.. Cz I just had to lose my voice on that day.. *rolls eyes*), and also, if u look closely, u'll c me jumping up and down in d mirrow behind Steffy in her vid!! Lol~ Cant believe I was caught doin tat.. Tsk tsk~ ;p So yea, catch the vids here, tell me what you think so far, n if u have anything u wanna say bout d other gals, lemme know!! I'll pass good comments on, I promise!!

Girls, we're finally ON SCREEN!! Xoxo~!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Maybelline Simply Fabulous, here I AM!!

And it's out!!

Our profile pix (and where u MUST vote when the show starts~ Hihii..) are on (straight to my profile to make it easier.. Muahaha~)

And we have bloggers blogging about us so here are links to the teasers:





I'm so excited!! Any comments? Good or bad, lemme know!! I'll be updating you on any more blogs or additional info or even mere MENTION of me n d comp.. Haha~ Looking forward to it!!

Friday, 4 September 2009

And so it starts...

So the webisodes havent even aired yet, and I already have my 1st hater. It wasnt anything major, but I think it deserves a mention as my 1st step into stardom. LOL!!

So anyway, I had this note on facebook titled "My Kind Of Guy". It's 1 of those Q & A notes that are makin their rounds on fb and I was bored and I was tagged, so I gave it a go. This was a few days ago. All of a sudden, this random guy who I DONT EVEN KNOW put a comment "bullxxxx" on it. So I checked his profile. The only mutual friend we had was another SF contestant. So I commented back, thinking he wouldnt be stupid enough to reply. It went something along the lines of "Erm, excuse me (his name), were you invited to view this note? Ur not even on my frens list, and no1 wants ur opinion here." Hey, I wasnt rude was I? So after a few minutes he replies again: "bullxxxx...2". I couldnt b bothered, so I just blocked him, n deleted the comments. Then I called my fren n told her about it. I think she has the right to know. He's ruining her name by doing stuff like this, n I'd just like him to know, if he comes across this, that all 10 of us are frens. Yea we're in a competition, but we're FRENS n we dont go around tryin to badmouth the others, so wat right do u have to do it?

Anyway, not gonna waste my time on it. A fren n I decided he must'v not qualified with the 50 criteria that was my note, so he got mad at himself. Haha.. Stalkers.. Sad. But we were warned, and I guess we'll have to get used to ppl putting us down.. Tats wat reality shows are for rite? N i'm not taking my silly / ugly photos off fb, cz I am who I am, n anyway, I'd rather ppl take em off my site than finding them later on.. Hihii~

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I'll say it again: I"M BORED!!

I know, I know.. You're probably thinking "Well, get a job then woman!", but, I like being like this for now.. Yes, I've gotten lazy, but am trying to make the most out of my time. Usually, this translates into me being 'busy', and I can honestly say, I dont know what happens to my time.. I just get very, very bored at night, around say, 10pm, when I can no longer do things that should be done.. Sigh.. Hopeless I tell you.. And anyway, it isnt like I havent got a job.. Just cz I dnt work 9 - 5 doesnt mean I'm lazing around doing nothing.

I'm so looking forward to next week.. I wanna pack now!! Haha~ Press conference, here I come!! I hope everyone is missing me as much as I miss them.. Hmm.. Spent a boring weekend in Labuan, and I was so wishing I could be spending it at Peninsula !! Got a good 2 hour (overdue) chat in with Jov tho, so that was good..

I'm also looking forward to the webisodes that should be out soon! I'm dreading to see what I'll look and sound like, but at the same time, oh-so-excited!! I'll be waiting in anticipation for a new webisode every day, and I hope you guys are too!! Feel free to leave me any comments you want after watching.. ;p

September doesnt seem to have much coming up, so that's basically the highlights of the month for me, for now anyways.. Just had Korean wif Leonard, Jennifer etc, and will be having Japanese wif Elvina soon so yippee!! Hihii~ I also had my 2nd vaccination injection for Hepatitis A & B, so I dont need to go for my final dosage til January.. Good, I dont like needles!! But what has to be done, has to be done I s'pose.. Better safe than sorry!

Before I go, lemme jz leave you with a teaser:

Top 10 Fabulosity!

R U ready for this?? ;p