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Thursday, 26 November 2009

I am so insulted!!

Yes, you are reading CORRECTLY!! This.. dickhead.. asked me through facebook, to be his prostitute!! WTF??? I've never been so insulted in my LIFE!! Do I look like a whore to you?? And such a cheap one at that?? I.. I.. I am speechless right now.. I'll have to get back to this in the morning.. Geez.. The pure cheek!! N I havent replied yet.. Any suggestions as to how I should put this bastard in his place? I am so gonna report him its not even funny.. Luckily I have no mutual friends with him else they'd all be under my chopping board too! Argh~!!!!

PS: I dont know how to capture the page, so I had to take a photo with my hp.. Can someone teach me how to do this? Thanks very much..
PPS: While waiting for the photo to upload, I couldnt wait any longer n replied. If u like, plz, u have my blessings to track down this creep n give him a piece of ur mind!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Cant hide forever...

Now I've never hidden the fact that I dont read the newspapers, dont watch the news, and if possible, dont even read the headlines on the Yahoo! homepage before signing into my email.. Not because I'm lazy, find the news boring, or am not interested; no no, none of these reasons.. It's plainly because I cant take the news. The world today is depressing. Everywhere you look its terrorist attacks, or murders, or rape cases, or burglary, or natural disasters killing hundreds and thousands of people.. How can you read all this and not feel depressed? Maybe I'm too sensitive, but I dont really want to know who got murdered or raped yesterday, today, and then someone else tomorrow.. When will it end?

But unless you literaly shut yourself out from the rest of the world, you cant escape hearing / seeing some of the horrors that go on. Someone will mention it, you'll hear someone else discussing it, you'll catch a glimpse of the news and it will drag you into it like a magnet, and lo and behold, its usually the most gruesome cases-you-feel-sick-just-listening-to that you cant walk away from, but stare at in horror / disgust.

Just a couple of days ago, I was told of the Richmond High School gang rape case. I mean, wtf?? How can anyone just stand there and watch?? I'm not even gonna mention the fact that no one, not one person, felt the urge to call the police, or even tell a teacher or someone who could've helped. Now, I'm not saying that anyone should've blindly jumped in and try to play hero; that would've been suicide, but even participating in the attack against this poor girl? I dont care if she was 15 & drunk; I dont care if she was known as a slut or anything. She could've been the most hated person in school, but does that give anyone the right to attack her like that? What human being could even think of doing something like that?? Worse, how could you be a bystander, watch this whole scene unfold in front of your eyes, then go home and sleep peacefully after all is said n done? Is this what the world has come to? And the rapists were aged 15 - 21, FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. I'm at a loss for words.

Which comes to my next point: porn stars. Yes, it's just a "movie" right? The participants were voluntarily involved, it's just for fun, if it wasnt meant to be watched it wouldnt be made, blablablablaBLA. Well please, check out this website that was set up by a former porn star, and learn more about this "clean" & "safe" & "fun" industry, and next time you think of picking up some porn, just think: the "subject" of your visual pleasure might very well be dead right now. All for your viewing pleasure.

Do you know what's even more disgusting? I actually know of people who enjoy watching videos of rape. Yes, you read correctly. One friend's mother even sent her a video of a young girl being gang-raped in a nightclub. Why? Oh, just to try scare her into not going clubbing. Is this right?? So you participate in some poor girl's misery, just to try to shock your daughter? ......

And while we're at it, there are more people than you think who actually enjoy pedophilia. Shocking, but true. So please, join me in helping, in at least spreading the word, of websites such as this: I actually cried when reading and looking at her photos. And it's true what she says: They dont need your tears, they need your money! I am not going to pretend I have donated to this very worthy cause; I havent. I had to decide long ago not to donate to a specific cause long ago, as I end up giving everybody and torture myself feeling guilty about not giving to those I cant afford to.. My wish is to be rich when I am older, not so I can donate more n more (I will, but tats not my main dream), but so I can retire early, and spend my time volunteering .

Everyone should have at least one specific cause that they support with all their heart, and mne is the environment, simply because I can help, and it doesnt break me down as much and as easily as the above cases. So if you are stronger-hearted, please, help these children, these victims, and educate the public on what really happens, and bring humanity back into the world. Even by just writing bout it in your blog, on your facebook updates, or tweeting, will increase the world's knowledge, and increase the possibility of another person helping out. And you, yes you, who are financially stable, please please, dont hesitate to take a little out of your monthly salary to help a cause of your choice; there's so many out there, there must be one that especially touches your heart!

Ok, I've bounced around this page enough now, and this post would never end if I kept connecting the dots to more and more causes and rants.. I hope you actually get my point through all the jumping from here to there. To end on a happier note, life is great!! Enjoy it, and help others see the joy of living.. =)

Monday, 16 November 2009

All American Rejects & Halloween

Digi Music's first Live concert.. Hmm.. Well, good news is, performance-wise, it was great.. Malaysian bands Disagree, Pop Shuvit & One Buck Short all rocked that stage and got the crowd in the mood, n I have to say, I'm a fan.. =) AAR, well, do I really need to tell you how much I was moshing, screaming & singing while they were performing?? Haha.. Ray had to carry me on his shoulders a few times, cz it was so packed i couldnt see!! (This is why I love my tall boyfriend, nyehehe..)

But bad news. *Calista shakes head at the memory* Organisation-wise. Tsk tsk.. For lack of a better word, it was crap.. I was telling Ray (and friends after), that if this was Amal's event, bodies would've been piling up backstage.. Hahahaha.. The sound system had problems, the crowd was left waiting way too long.. A resetless crowd, especially at a rock concert, is never a good idea.. I felt sorry for the emcees of the night, Natalie & Ean of, as they were the ones who had to try calm the crowd, and play games, to the loud boos of many of the impatient fans.. Chants of "Digi sucks!" were heard more than once, which is very very bad for Digi, as i'm sure it wasnt their fault (They usually have event companies responsible for the organisation). I couldnt even stay til the end because one, we already left the vacinity and were standing outside before AAR came on, it was just too much! And two, I had other places to go, which were planned to coincide with the end of the concert, which was dragged on too late!!

Another thing that upset me was, while they were playing games on stage, I couldnt see but I'm thnking that this one contestant must've either been African or white. These boys in front of me, definately Malaysian, were screaming things like "Go back to your country!" every time said contestant was addressed on stage. Not good! I hate racists, and I hate people who think saying stuff like this is funny or acceptable!! Especially when the 'victim' hadnt even done anything to them!! Things like this realy p*** me off!! *Calista screams in frustration*

Anyway, on to happier things! =) We took a taxi back to the hotel, where I had 10 minutes to change etc before Stef (goth chick), Gary (with his ghoul mask) & Scott (himself - lol) picked me up.. Halloween!! =D We went to Helo Bali again, where they had a Bloodlust theme on.. I was dressed in a Queen of Hearts costume I just bought, and I messed up my hair and did dark eyes & red lipstick.. Punked up style Queen of Hearts!! Whoopee!! Haha.. We met Geetha (french maid), Junior, Mario & his friends, and Lebo there.. Now that was a really fun night!! We took loadsa great photos, danced the night away, got hit on (lol - while I made Scott pretend to be my bf to ward off any unwanted attention; which reminds me - Ray didnt go cz he was tired.. Poor thing.. He may be starting to like rock music, but going to a rock concert isnt really for him!! He did it to please me, and he got a special hug.. =) ), and had plain drama as usual.. Haha.. Wats a fun night without any drama eh? ;p

Was so looking forward to having those photos, but something happened. I received a call the day after I reached KK (left 1/11 night) from Stef. She had been in her bedroom sleeping (luckily Lebo was also there, and lucky for Geetha she was not), when someone broke in, with a knife!! Other than taking their phones, laptop, camera etc, she almost got attacked!! I was speechless. Things like this arent s'posed to happen!! I comforted her the best I could (not good with words me), then as soon as I hung up, tears started rolling down. Dont ask why, I just felt so shaken up by thought of Stef in that situation!! It's really hard to describe the feeling of feeling so close to someone you have not long met, but I can tell you it rarely happens.. N no, I'm not a lesbian ok, lol.. But yea, n Ray had to walk in on me right at that moment.. He was shocked, wondered wat was happening, haha..

A few photos during Halloween, taken by one of Stef's friends.. Found them on facebook.. This is all we have.. =(
Lebo, Geetha, Calista & Steffy!! My girls!!
The French maid & her assistant (lol - ppl actually asked this question!!)
Gary looking very handsome.. Ahaha..

N now, I hear that my brother has become a victim of pickpockets!! His phone, his life, was stolen in Centerpoint Sabah, while going to watch a movie at Growball Cinemax.. I think security needs to be tighter there, it's just not on!! Especially since a lady sitting behind him also had hers stolen!! 2 people, same time same place? I'm willing to bet there were at least a couple more people who had it happen to them too!!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

I'm on TV!!!!! =D

Yes, I saw it!! The Daia washing detergent ad that I did a few months ago, is finally on air!! I first heard from Syifa that she saw it on TV3, then someone said they'd seen it on NTV7. Then I caught a glimpse of it!! =D Surreal I tell you, and I was left with.. Wanting more!! Seeing yurself on TV is so addictive, and this gives an even better high than on MSF.. Finally, it's coming!! My dream, is within reach!! But it's not on that often (or, not on whenever I'm watching out fr it anyway), as I've only seen it twice.. Yet I had people calling me saying they've seen it on TV2, then on 8tv.. More than once!! So why cant I catch it? No fair!! I wanna see it again, n neither my parents, Oliver or Ray have seen it yet.. Sigh.. ANYhoo.. Here's a couple of photos.. If I get the chance to record the TVC, I'll post it up yea? =)
Behind the scenes...

With one of the makeup artists.. This is what I looked like.. They gave me a wig (cz my hair was a bit too short), and the makeup was to try to make me look older.. Haha..

Saturday, 14 November 2009

A memorable time in KL

So what have I been doing while I was in KL, after the finals were over? Well, I had a great time! Of course, I wasnt staying in a particular place, but moving around (with a 20kg suicase & a laptop bag mind you!) & staying at my generous friends' places. The night after the finals, Susie and I went back to Peninsula Residence.. The other girls all went back to their own homes, but the both of us dont have permanent homes in KL, so why make a headache out of something that's there right? =) We had fun, just the both of us, talking all night.. We ordered McD, cz we were so hungry!! N this was already midnight!!

The next day, we checked out, then went to lunch with a couple of the 8tv crew (we really have become friends! =) )We actually had a date with our 'nanny' of the show, Siew Tyug (pronounced Tyng, dont ask ;p), but met Kitvy n Nicole halfway, so we all had lunch at.. Pasta Zanmai I think it was called.. It was good! =) We also came across ourselves in Faces magazine, pure accident, while looking for a diff mag, so that made our day.. =) Then we went to Pavilion to jalan-jalan, and as soon as we walked through the doors (n this made me feel like a star =D), 3 guys were walking towards us, when I heard "Eh, Maybelline Top 5!" and then "Bukanlah, Top 10". O.M.G. We were so messy as well, I cant believe we actually got recognized!! *Calista dances around just thinking about it*

Spent the night with Susie and her friends, then met up with Steffy the next day, to spend the weekend with her at her family house in Klang. I have to say, one of the most happiest times of the whole trip - save for the finals of course ;p -was with her in Klang. I like her family, they're all so nice! Plus, her mom's a great cook - u know wat a sucker I am for home-cooked food! =D We went out and had so much fun - she took me to eat Baskin-Robbins (she's an addict =p), clubbing at this great club in Sunway called Helo Bali (I love African music now - it's so cool to groove to!), to eat (she loves these steamboat/hotpot places.. and found out that her fave place is Thai, not Korean! *playfully whacks Stef over the head*), and we just had fun yapping as usual!! Mostly we were hanging with her bro Gary and cuz Scott.. She also surprised me when, the 1st night (she told me this on the car trip on the way there) was gonna be spent having a family dinner!! For some reason, I always get caught up in family dinners - lol!! But it was cool, I've met her whole extensive family now.. Haha.. I also was in the middle of her family's Deepavali lunch celebration, her mom cooked so much!! Unfortunately, I didnt eat that much because it was all spicy - hello, Deepavali, u expected Chinese food meh?? Hahaha.. But luckily her mom was understanding of wat a fuss-pot I can be when it comes to food.. Thank goodness!! I know a lot of people tak tahan with how picky I am.. *sob sob* I actually went back the next weekend, whee~!! And Steffy was trying to get her mom to adopt me - didnt work, wonder why? ;p

I also stayed with my old friend Wendy and her boyfriend Adrian, who were both so nice as to let me stay a second time (last trip I stayed for nearly 3 weeks!!) I feel so blessed to have such great friends.. I just feel like I shuld mention my thanks here, as I sometimes dont really know how to express my gratitude fully in person.. Nalin also let me be her roomie one more time before the finals - as soon as I arrived in KL I stayed at her place for 3 days, and the Fabulous 5 (Nalin, Stef, Sue, Preeta & myself) went clubbing at Changkat with Geetha, Parveen & Anuja for a very memorable night!!

I also helped coordinate an event with Moezik Singapore - old friends & my ex-boss, for YUM! That was so much fun, I miss coordinating events so much.. =( O well, hopefully one day I'll be able to get back into it.. It was great to be able to catch up with Amal, Alan & Moe.. Amal & I wasted no time & chatted into dawn the 1st night - We both got 2 hours sleep!! But it was worth it.. =D

Highlight for me was when Ray arrived.. It's so hard to be apart for 3 whole weeks, yet we've gotten through it twice, and it's only made us stronger.. =) We stayed in Summit Hotel in Subang after the YUM! event, and shopped our hearts out in Sunway etc.. We went to the All American Rejects concert, which... I am gonna tell you about next post!! Haha.. This post is way too long, and u prolly arent that interested, but I dont care, this is a journal post alright?? ;p

PS: Just wanted to thank Regina Ho & her friend for coming to support me during the finals, and not forgetting Kylie Bennington either.. =) It meant so much that you guys were there, thank you!!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Finals of Maybelline NY's Simply Fabulous - Finally!

So yeah, nearly a month after the whole thing, I finally get round to it.. Sigh.. Silly woman.. Haha.. Anyway, here I go!!

The finale was shown on 8tv at 10 pm on the 18th, and as much as I was wetting my pants with excitement to watch it with Steffy n her family, I couldnt help but be slightly disappointed.. 2 hours plus of filming, n it was squeezed into a half hour slot with commercial breaks; so yea, u can bet a lot of things were missing!! The actual finals were held on the 14th, n they were so much fun!! We had rehearsals on the 13th, n a fitting by Lee Ann Maxima for the evening dresses (I LOVED mine!!) and Levi's. Wasnt tat happy with my Levi's outfit at 1st (it was pink, lol.. Figures eh.. Haha..), but then I decided I would rock that pink n make god damn sure I didnt look the slightest bit cute!! N from the comments I've received, it seems to have worked!! Whoopee!! =D

Wasnt that nervous during rehearsals, but when we were told we would have Q & A.. Argh~!! I was so so worried I'd end up looking like a bimbo on national TV!! The night of the finals was nerve-wracking.. There were so many people, n poor Susie n I had no one cheering for us in the crowd.. =( It was pretty obvious too, when the room went silent when they said our names.. I think that was when we both felt a bit down, n strengthened up together.. When I was on the catwalk, my main target was Stevensunny, just because I do like the guy, n I wanted to show him that petite girls can rock that runway better than some taller models!! His expression throughout my walks and Q & A made my night.
As you all probably know, I did not win the main prize. That went to my roomie Nalin - woot woot!! I did win the Bloggers' Choice / Striking Confidence award though, and that was really unexpected!! Once again, I wanna thank all the bloggers involved, and the 8tv production crew!! The makeup artists were great too, and the people from the outfit sponsors, especially from Lee Ann!! It was such a great experience, and no, as people have been asking me "Do you regret wasting all that money to join?", my answer is a million times no. The experience n the people I've come to know n love more than make up for the amount of money I used, it did not go to waste, n I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

See how happy I was?!?! Haha..
What really was the highlight of my night though, and this is something that will make me push even harder (plans in progress ;p), was when, after the press conference, Stevensunny came up to me to tell me that I was one of his favourites!! To me, that is my mission accomplished: to make people see me, and to see the potential of petite models.

Group photos after the interviews

Congratulations to Nalin - have a rocking time in NY!!
And not forgetting my babe Diana, who won Watson's So Gorgeous award.. U deserve it!! =D
Just a few photos, there are more of course, but mostly of the same thing.. Unfortunately I dont have many singular photos as I had no one to take photos for me.. *sob sob*

Friday, 6 November 2009

Procrastination at it's peak

I can't believe it's taken me so long to blog.. Sigh.. I don't know wat to do with myself.. I mean, ok, my last post went missing when my internet suddenly cut off (dont know why it ddt autosave *mumblemoanmoan*) but that was.. 17th Oct!! ... I promise promise promise I'll get round to it, I have so much to tell u all!! But for now, before I blog bout wat actually went down during the finals, why dont you check out these great blogs n sites that have done what I havent yet *blush n averts face*: