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Saturday, 30 January 2010

4th Anniversary!!!

Happy anniversary Ray!! We've survived 4 whole years of being in each others' faces.. Haha.. Ready for a 5th year? ;p

Nuu, 第五年了!四年内的喜怒哀乐,我们都成功度过。。我们的故事,没有别人能懂,也没有别人能代替。今年会更好!爱你哟!

Friday, 29 January 2010

New addition to the family!!

Told you I was catching up; 2nd post of the day!! =D

Just before I left for KL (that's another story), Ray decided that it would be too lonely with me gone and Ebony no more (we still miss you baby!! =( ). He wanted to get the puppy we kept meaning to get as a friend for Ebony. I was leaving on the 6th of Jan (Thurs), so we went to the Gaya Street Sunday market to look around.. We got to this stall, and Ray immediately fell in love with this white puppy, who kinda looked like a Husky. He (or so Ray thought) was so quiet, and looked so obedient (he even crawled back into his own cage by himself!). There was no stopping Ray. Lol..

Meet Ivory!!
So we took 'him' to the vet straight away to get 'his' first shot. Where the vet promptly told us 'he' was in fact a GIRL!! Ray had said it was a boy, and I never checked.. *facepalm* I also asked, and the vet said she's a Spitz mixed breed.

So instead of giving her the 1st name I came up with (Everest), we changed it to Ivory, also as a little tribute to Ebony. I wanted to name her Cow, cz her tummy looks like a cow, but nevermind.. Haha.. She's gotten a bit bigger now, is not as obedient as we thought, and is such a scaredy-cat!! But she's cute and we love her, so training is just part of the process I guess.. Actually looking into training schools, so will update on that. Here are a few photos dad took when we brought her to my house..

The Eves

Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve were both spent with family, X'mas at Upperstar Damai and New Year's at Upperstar Segama.. Lol... It was pretty subdued this year, no partying or anything.. We didnt take any photos on X'mas eve, but here's a few snaps from New Year's..

A little late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 EVERYONE!! And before you ask, no I didnt make any resolutions, I never do.. Hihii...

Monday, 25 January 2010

Let's start where we left off...

...Christmas!! And a fun one it was!! Talk about a family do.. Dad, mum, Ray, me, Oli and for the 1st time, his gf Des.. =)

Group photo at dinner..

This is gonna be mostly photos, so those of you who keep complaining I write too much, rejoice!! ;p

Christmas Tree Stocking And what was in it! -

Presents!! -

All the pressies under the tree~!!
From Mom & Dad - "The Gift" book, and the long black skirt.. =)
Yes it's a bra. Yes he wrapped it this way. Yes it's from Oliver. ;p
From Ray - My new Toshiba Portege T110!! =D

Xmas Breakfast - Courtesy of momCheese cocktail sausages, tomato puree, bacon, fried egg, bread
(Sorry, this picture keeps rotating itself.. Grr..)
There were also scrummy McVities assorted chocolate biccies~!! Woohoo!!

Dinner menu:
The potatoes:
ROAST POTATOES!! What I wait all year for.. I wouldnt mind if the whole X'mas dinner comprised of roast potatoes, roast potatoes, and more roast potatoes!! But.. Yea, no one else agrees.. ;p
And mashed (so no one had to starve while I scoffed down all the roasts.. Nyehehe..)
The stuffing (no turkey though): The types of meats: Roast beef, roast chicken & roast pork (picture of my helping.. =D)

The gravy: The vegetables: And washed down with:
We call this the Calista wine - non-alcoholic =)
(Oh, we also had Vanilla Coke / Sprite ;p)

After dinner mom & dad went for a coffee while us 4 went to 1Borneo, hoping to catch Alvin & the Chipmunks. Unfortunately, everything was full house, so we just walked around til the mall closed, then went home for supper - cheese, ham & wine. Unfortunately, by this time I had totally forgotten to take photos.. Oops.. Aaaannnnddd.. There was also truckloads of chocolates!! Hihii~!! Whee~!! =D
So that was my Christmas, how was yours? =)

What a way to start the new year - by procrastinating!!

Sigh.. blogging that is.. Yes, yes, I know.. I have to blog about X'mas, New Year, my birthday, the Maybelline shoot, and come Saturday, my 4th anniversary with Ray!! Plus God knows what else that'll come to mind when I start!! You know what I'm like.. ;p And yes, I am aware that it is already nearly the end of January!! How time flies!! And so much for blogging daily.. Lol.. Let's try to keep the new year resolution of at least once a week this time eh? ;p

Better get cracking then!!