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Monday, 25 January 2010

Let's start where we left off...

...Christmas!! And a fun one it was!! Talk about a family do.. Dad, mum, Ray, me, Oli and for the 1st time, his gf Des.. =)

Group photo at dinner..

This is gonna be mostly photos, so those of you who keep complaining I write too much, rejoice!! ;p

Christmas Tree Stocking And what was in it! -

Presents!! -

All the pressies under the tree~!!
From Mom & Dad - "The Gift" book, and the long black skirt.. =)
Yes it's a bra. Yes he wrapped it this way. Yes it's from Oliver. ;p
From Ray - My new Toshiba Portege T110!! =D

Xmas Breakfast - Courtesy of momCheese cocktail sausages, tomato puree, bacon, fried egg, bread
(Sorry, this picture keeps rotating itself.. Grr..)
There were also scrummy McVities assorted chocolate biccies~!! Woohoo!!

Dinner menu:
The potatoes:
ROAST POTATOES!! What I wait all year for.. I wouldnt mind if the whole X'mas dinner comprised of roast potatoes, roast potatoes, and more roast potatoes!! But.. Yea, no one else agrees.. ;p
And mashed (so no one had to starve while I scoffed down all the roasts.. Nyehehe..)
The stuffing (no turkey though): The types of meats: Roast beef, roast chicken & roast pork (picture of my helping.. =D)

The gravy: The vegetables: And washed down with:
We call this the Calista wine - non-alcoholic =)
(Oh, we also had Vanilla Coke / Sprite ;p)

After dinner mom & dad went for a coffee while us 4 went to 1Borneo, hoping to catch Alvin & the Chipmunks. Unfortunately, everything was full house, so we just walked around til the mall closed, then went home for supper - cheese, ham & wine. Unfortunately, by this time I had totally forgotten to take photos.. Oops.. Aaaannnnddd.. There was also truckloads of chocolates!! Hihii~!! Whee~!! =D
So that was my Christmas, how was yours? =)

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