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Friday, 29 January 2010

New addition to the family!!

Told you I was catching up; 2nd post of the day!! =D

Just before I left for KL (that's another story), Ray decided that it would be too lonely with me gone and Ebony no more (we still miss you baby!! =( ). He wanted to get the puppy we kept meaning to get as a friend for Ebony. I was leaving on the 6th of Jan (Thurs), so we went to the Gaya Street Sunday market to look around.. We got to this stall, and Ray immediately fell in love with this white puppy, who kinda looked like a Husky. He (or so Ray thought) was so quiet, and looked so obedient (he even crawled back into his own cage by himself!). There was no stopping Ray. Lol..

Meet Ivory!!
So we took 'him' to the vet straight away to get 'his' first shot. Where the vet promptly told us 'he' was in fact a GIRL!! Ray had said it was a boy, and I never checked.. *facepalm* I also asked, and the vet said she's a Spitz mixed breed.

So instead of giving her the 1st name I came up with (Everest), we changed it to Ivory, also as a little tribute to Ebony. I wanted to name her Cow, cz her tummy looks like a cow, but nevermind.. Haha.. She's gotten a bit bigger now, is not as obedient as we thought, and is such a scaredy-cat!! But she's cute and we love her, so training is just part of the process I guess.. Actually looking into training schools, so will update on that. Here are a few photos dad took when we brought her to my house..


  1. Wow!!! A japanese spitz mix!!! She sure is a cute little doggy!!!! <3 How old is she??

  2. I think about 2 months? Not quite sure. Lol.. Not very big though, I think she's teething.. =)

  3. Really? For me that's the most annoying phase. My dog start teething when he was 4 months old. Most of my furniture has been gnawed!!! :S not to mention his bed also~

  4. Oh believe me, she's VERY annoying.. She bites EVERYTHING she sees, including me!! Not to mention she's such a scaredy-cat.. She hides under the sofa all the time and wont go outside!!