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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

CNY fun, with a Valentine's twist!!

I've been having fun this Lunar New Year, and I hope you have too!! Been to visit a lot more peoples' houses this time, and it's actually been fun catching up with old STTSS classmates.. I heard quite a few classes were doing the same thing, how many of you actually got to catch up? It's amazing how everyone's all 'grown up' now, and everyone's mom, dad, aunt and uncle have to ask if anyone in the group is married yet, before they pass out the ang paus!! =)

For the eve we did the usual reunion dinner at our aunt's house, but surprisingly there wasnt as many people this year.. Wonder where everyone's gone? After dinner, Old Town White Coffee with the 'rents & Ol.. Ray went back to Kudat for his reunion dinner!!

1st day of CNY, as previously mentioned, fell on V-day, so I waited for Ray to get back, when he gave me his gift; guess how lucky this girl is??
=D =D =D
The handphone I've been eyeing - Nokia E72!!
*Calista jumps up and down with joy*

Then we went to his aunt's for lunch, where more ang paus were given out (ang paus are my fave part of CNY.. Muahahaha..), and Ray got to join in the traditional CNY gambling / cards when we went back at night.. We finished the night with a late night snack at Upperstar Lintas with his cousin from KL.. =)
Now you may be wondering what I got Ray for V-day, since I got such an awesome-cool-beans-omg-scream-for-joy pressie. Well, what he gave me was almost as good as what I gave him, but not quite.. ;p So what was so great? Aha.. I.. I.. Cooked him a candlelight dinner of spaghetti bolognese!! Ahahahahahahaha.. What? I cooked. All by myself. 1st time k? =p
It went quite well really.. If you block out the image of me using an apron as a 2nd mitt (I'm terrified of oil/sauce spitting up and burning me, which is why I never fry anything usually..). Or me dropping the sauce can in the pan while trying to scrape out the last of the sauce. Or even me getting sauce stains on the walls and my white top (ever-so-smart of me). In the end, Ray gave me 90marks, even though for some reason there was no sauce (but very tasty mince). ;p
2nd day started with a visit to Sharin's house where we were our usual noisy selves, then 'bai nian' with S3 Xin classmates Anne Ng, Fui Mon, Elvina, Kent Chin, Siew Li.. We went to Losiap's place (where there was a very good lion dance performance), and met up with Catty and Aaron.. At night it was yamcha time as we met at Lai's (otherwise known as yipi ;p), where Wen Jye, Ah Mang, Melissa and Howard a.k.a Ah Giu also joined in the '38' session..
3rd day: Sharin's place, to see her for the last time before she left for New Zealand again.. *sobs* I miss her already!! We had fun this trip though, didnt we? =D Cant wait for November to come around again!!
Met with the small S3 Xin group again at Ah Mang's house, followed by Melissa's, Fui Mon's, and lastly Alien's open house.. What a long day!! Got to see Celia at the open house too, which was a surprise (Jovanny, you know what I mean ;p)..
And today is the 4th day of Chinese New Year. A lot of people are back at work, and more shops are open now. Stayed up all night yapping with Oliver, slept at 5am.. That was fun, hahaha.. But this morning was not! Ugh, didnt wanna wake up.. Lol.. But I had to, and I made it to Pumpkin's open house by 12.30pm.. =) Didnt have much to do today, just got the final details of an ushering job, and continued transferring contact details from my Samsung (the stupid phone is mad that I got a new hp; the screen went the very next day!!), which is oh-so-tiring I'm telling you now!!
So I'll leave you at that, with another long-a** post.. Lol.. I'm good at being long-winded.. ;p Tell me about your new year, and ang pau reports are always welcome~!! D

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