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Thursday, 4 February 2010


Once again it's 5am. And I'm still awake. Again.

I know it's because I have an over-active mind, which is kinda like my mouth - It wont shut up. (Har-har) I know there are also at least 2 more major reasons as to why I cant sleep:

1. I wake up at 1 or 2pm everyday.
2. I do nothing except sit on my (gradually expanding) ass all day.

Sigh.. I could never take a lifetime of doing nothing. I am bored out of my brains already. Being a tai-tai so young is not a good idea!! Worst thing is, I cant even do things I wanna do cz I cant bloody drive!! ...... And Ray's working so I cant expect him to chauffeur me around all the time can I?? This is so irritating.. Pfft..

So I'm online. Blogging, going through, researching some stuff... Til I eventually fall asleep, probably near 6am, when I will have to wake up 2 hours later to watch over Ray's maid (who comes once a week). At least I'll have no choice but to be up early, so hopefully I'll be able to sleep at a decent time tomorrow..

Now to more pressing matters: I'm so HUNGRY~!!! Ugh... Hope Ray takes me out to breakfast before work tomorrow.. Now that's something to look forward to.. ;p

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  1. Enjoy it while you can being too busy is a waste of time!