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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Maybelline Shoot

On the 6th of January I left for KL once more, this time for a Maybelline photoshoot.. =) Of course I was happy that we're doing this shoot for their brochures etc.. Hopefully it will be in the magazines too!! Was staying with Steffy and Geetha again.. =)

The shoot was done in 2 days, and out of the Simply Fabulous girls, it was Nalin, Diana and I who were called. We were shooting with Maybelline's Malaysian ambassador - singer/actress Liyana Jasmay. The photographer was no other than our Simply Fabulous photog - Kim Mun of 36o Studio!! It was great working with him again, as was working with our makeup artists Stevensunny and his assistant Ping (7/1/10) and Maybelline trainer Kimberly (11/1/10).
Day 1 was our group shoot, which was so much fun! I have to say I had way more fun on the first day.. =) After the group shoot, we did individual shots, first for Maybelline's new lipbalm. I was 'Girl with Botanicals', with the new [Lip Smooth] Botanicals lipbalm.. Nalin and I hung out at 1 Utama afterwards, where we had Nando's.. Yum! 1st time for me.. ;p We also nearly went out of our mind's when we went into an Australian accessories shop called Diva.. I'm going crazy for accessories nowadays, dont know what's wrong with me.. Haha..

Day 2 was individual shots again, for 2 more products: Diamonds eyeshadow in green, and Watershine lipstickin nude.. Was a longer day due to some hiccups, but the shoot was done very fast.. After the shoot Nalin and I went to see a condo with Steffy and Geetha, and after that I went to stay with Nalin for a few days, that turned into more than just a few.. Thanks for letting me invade your space Nalin!!

A couple of photos taken on Diana's hp:

Got to meet up with Jovanny this time, and we had a good day just walking round Berjaya Times Square (another 1st for me).. Another highlight of the trip was meeting up with Bei Shan and her friend June in Midvalley Megamall for lunch, where I turned up super late, mostly because the KTM apparently is worse at keeping time than I am!! ...... Met up with Sue after that, where we went to The Garden's (another 1st), and I met her pilot friend Hafiz when we yamcha'd there.. He owns a mamak in Semenyih, where I have never been, so next trip I wanna go, ok?! Haha..
Came to 1 of the shoots Nalin was working on for her photog friend Javad. The guy can bring the house down I tell you.. Lol.. It was cool watching the models work, they were really good!! It was a competition for the magazine Modelle, and Nalin was helping out as art director and 'coolie'.. Nyahaha..

Went to Werner's one night and had a really nice pizza and lasagna with Hafiz and Sue.. Then we went upstairs to the club, where Sue had way too much fun.. (lol Sue!) Met Sue's bf, and someone I havent seen in a very long time, n who I enjoyed talking to - Andy from Estranged is one of Malaysia's most down to earth celebs.. =D

Andy, Sue, and moi

When Nalin got off work I joined her as she wanted to chill over drinks, so we stopped at this bar called Sutraa.. This is where she introduced me to the one alcoholic drink that I actually can take - Malibu Pineapple. It tastes nothing like alcohol!! Yay!! So Calista finally has an alcoholic drink, and when people say "no soft drinks", I can actually order something to shut them up.. Muahahahaha.... Thanks Nalin! =p

And that was my January trip to KL, minus my birthday which will be in my upcoming post. =p

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  1. pretty girls, love those pictures.