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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Whoa, I'm 23!!

I'm actually 23 years old!! ... I still feel like I'm still a kid, which is a bit worrying as I'm sure people will expect me to act "less silly" now.. ... ... I know right, I cant imagine that either.. Lol.. It still feels kinda weird to tell people "Oh, I'm 23", but I'm sure I'll get used to it soon enough. After all, my age is a question I get asked almost as often as my race.. =)

This year, for the first time, I spent my birthday away from home.. It.. Wasnt quite like I expected it to be.. But I'm not gonna dwell on unhappy times, those I would rather not think about.. I was having just about the worst birthday ever, until Nalin decided that we were going out! =)
We hopped in a cab to Bangsar, where she bought me a scrumptious dinner at this lovely restaurant called delicious.. Didnt take many photos, but here are a couple of us, and the yummy mushroom salad we had.. We also had a shepard's pie, but were too busy stuffing our faces to remember to take pictures.. ;p
Taken with my Samsung Soul U900, which has a crappy camera, so forgive the bad pic. And the face. It's the only way I can get cheekbones. Muahahahahaha.. Nalin. That's the only caption this photo needs.
The mushroom salad!

Then, we left the restaurant to cross the road to go to the ATM, when it promptly started pouring. I'm serious! Out of nowhere!! We were freezing, cz it was really windy too!! ... So we crossed the road to try get a cab, 2 girls in heels and dresses, running in the rain. We must have looked hilarious!! Luckily this nice cabbie stopped and tried to give us as much shelter as possible to get in the car. Then we were off to Mist Club!! =D

We were meeting a new friend there, a girl Nalin's been in contact with on fb.. Harmini! I love this girl, she's so much fun!! But I'm getting ahead of myself. We reached and straight away bumped into Nalin's sis, Parveen, and her friends!! We then walked into the club (where they gave us one of those blacklight stamps on our wrists, which turned out to be smudges. How annoying is that??) and bumped into Steffy's cousin Roxanne, and Scott, both who came with different groups!! Looks like the place was happening, for 4 people who know each other to unknowingly meet in one club that's stranded in the middle of nowhere. Haha..

ANYHOO. We had a great time talking, dancing, laughing and just plain having fun.. It was a great night.. Harmini's cousins were fun too!! Plus they gave us a ride home, so thanks guys!! =D

Taken with Harmini's camera:
See, my Nalin loves me!! Whee~!!
In between 2 sisters...
Nalin drunk as usual. Haha, kidding.. There wasnt much, if any, drinking going on at all this night...
A picture taken by a wiling volunteer.. This was one weird night.
Me, Nalin & Harmini (S'up girl? ;p)

PLUS. This may have not been on my birthday, but I'm counting it as such cz meeting up with these 3 psychos was a great b'day gift in itself!!

Met up with Sharin, Farah and Amina at Chili's in Bangsar.. Yummy yummy!! Then we moved on to Laundry in e @ Curve for a last drink. Havent seen Amina or Farah in forever, and that is way too long!! We just hung out and talked and laughed, and Amina, congrats again for you-know-what!! ;p We should be able to do this on a regular basis.. It's not fair that we cant!!
*throws a tantrum*
*realizes she's 23*
*stands back up and pretends nothing happened*
*looks around, sees no one who will judge her (out loud), and continues to throw a tantrum*
Group photo
Told you I was the sane one!! =D

Family portrait (Sharin and her wife Amina; Calista,the love child)
Unable to contain my excitement any longer!! Wahahaha!!

At Laundry with my Blue Ocean. Tell me that's not green!!?

Farah and I. Scary huh? Imagine what Sharin and I look like whenwe walk togther.. Hahaha.. (Oh, and before you start, yes, I am short, and yes, I know I am short, ok? Sigh.. And yes, Sharin is tall, and she knows she's tall, just so we're clear. And YES. WE LIKE IT THAT WAY! =D)
A lot of words, but a lot of pictures too!! So no complaining! ;p

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