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Thursday, 11 March 2010

The start of a new life...

... starts NOW! I will be living in KL as of tonight.. A new journey, a quest for what i've been dreaming of, what i've been longing for so long.. Sacrifices have been made, tears have been shed, but I know no matter how hard this road will be, it will be worth it!!

But the 1st step doesnt look good.. I am writing from Burger King in KLIA, and my flight landed 3 hours ago.. Seems these past 2 weeks have been off all good timing.. Jobs, packing, recruiting etc etc.. I didnt have time to make firm plans with anyone, and now no one is free.. So I shall sit here for another hour or 2, and wait for my dear friend to finish work - so I can get my condo keys! =D Looking forward to actually seeing the place myself; hope it's as nice as the photos seem to show!!

Which reminds me: it wouldnt hurt to put a little ad here - If anyone knows of anyone looking to rent a medium or small room in Kelana Jaya, do let me know!! =) Looking for tenants to move in asap..

Tonight will be an early(ish) one, as I'm exhausted after the last few days.. Tomorrow I shall probably just spend it at the condo, unpacking and seeing what I need etc.. Maybe I'll see Sue if she's free.. =)

Cant wait til mom & dad get here in 2 weeks time!! I miss them already, and especially miss my little brat.. Wont get to see him for quite some time! =( I'm so glad we have the close kind of relationship some siblings dont.. I couldnt imagine not telling Oli all the funny things that happen in my life!! Sometimes I feel only we understand what the other is talking about, other people think we're weird.. Muahaha.. It would be awesome-sauce if I could drag him out here to stay with me!! But you can never have everything you want.. =(

Being away from Ray is.. Hell.. Saying goodbye was so hard.. I cant imagine not having him by my side every single day.. =( But I know we'll get through this.. Our relationship is a strong one, we've been through enough to have our own protective shell around just the both of us.. I really wish we didnt have to be apart, but what can we do? We'll come out of this stronger, I know we will.. Time will fly until we meet each other, and during those moments, time will stand still.. N yes, Nuu, I promise I will come back! I'm not gonna be without you for so long!! You know that's impossible!! =)

So the train is off, off to wherever I want it to go.. Wish me luck people!! This is the year, the year my dreams will come true!! =D


  1. cal!! u are here already!! be strong okay! i know u have that optimistic attitude! good luck in your undertakings! lova ya chica!

  2. Best of luck Calista! Take one day at a time and take good care of yourself ... try to stay out of harms way. Blessings!

  3. Syifa: Yep, here! When we gonna meet up for our bowling? ;p

    Leslie: Thanks a lot.. I will stay safe.. Hope you're doing well over there.. =)

  4. damn cute profile picture!