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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Officially 3 months

Nope, not what u think!! No worries! Ahaha.. It's been officially 3 months since I last put out a blog post.. *ducks the rotten tomatoes and watermelon balls being thrown her way*

I know I know.. N there's no excuse.. Guess I just got caught up with everything.. N everytime I get online it's scouring the net for more jobs n sending out profiles.. Sigh.. The ratio is kinda depressing..U can send out 100 profiles with maybe 10 replies if you're lucky.. N then they're 80% guaranteed for casting, no set jobs! So sad.. But I WILL SURVIVE!! No giving up for me, not just yet! I "officially" have 8 more months here, before I'm dragged back by the hair by Ray.. Haha..

Well, this is just a quick update to let you guys all know I'm still alive.. I have been updating my facebook group with jobs I've done and stuff, so u can check it out at!/group.php?gid=157228756933
I'll be posting up some of my experiences in blog posts soon!!

Love ya'll~!!


  1. babi... damn short... but i am loving it~

  2. Some really good photos, your face is capable of a wide range of expressions and emotions. You are an experienced model and an intelligent young woman so that if you don't pursue modelling you still will be able to find an extremely worthwhile career.