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Sunday, 29 August 2010

August 2010

So another month has gone by, it'll be September in 3 days!

My August started off kinda slow, but then finished quite well.. I'm gonna be an extra (with airtime! =D) for an upcoming movie (more info soon, but let's just stay it's main star is a BIG name here in Malaysia ;p), did a hair launch for Alfaparf, then had 2 days of shooting for a Maybelline segment on Remaja TV3 with Liyana Jasmay! =) I also just registered today to become a voter, which I think is great cz it's MERDEKA soon!!

So now comes September.. So far, seems pretty slow, so am working on looking for more work (again =/), but no worries, I have high hopes! =) All thing's come with time I guess.. Plus I'm having an amazing time meeting all kinds of great people, so I'm happy..

To end this post, I just wanna wish all Malaysians a HAPPY MERDEKA, and wave the flag proud!! =D Peace out!!

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