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Sunday, 1 August 2010

One of my biggest fears in life is not being able to live up to other people's expectations...

...but even worse is if you dont even live up to your own.

Sorry guys, having another down day.. Sigh.. Gues I always feel like writing when I'm feeling a bit depressed, sure beats having to talk about it, especially when you dont know who to talk to, or how to explain what's going on in your head - cz you're not even sure yourself!

Guess things havent been going as smoothly as I'd like them to recently.. Sometimes, (and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way) I just feel like giving up.. Giving up what? Lol.. That's a good question.. A lot of things.. My quest to fulfil my dream career? Well, yea, of course. I'm trying to make it in an industry full of rejection, tough competition, and hard work. It gets tiring at times, but the satisfaction at the end of one shoot or show is worth a month of all the bs.. I know what I got myself into, but that doesnt mean I'm not human and can keep going like an emotion-less machine..

I miss my family, I miss my boyfriend, and what with all that's going on here, it can be hard to try and juggle all the feelings that flow through my heart, brain and body all at once.. But this is my 5th month, only 7 months to go til D-Day, and I cant afford to waste them! Which is another thing that irritates me - my depleting lack of time management skills! Ugh..

Ok, enough yapping.. I'm gonna get me some dinner.. KFC maybe.. (Cz although I need to tone up asap, what can cure depression beter and faster than food right? Especially junk food!) So this is me, hoping I feel better and buck up after I stuff my face.. =)

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  1. 7 more months. many more days. persevere before D-DAY comes! *hugs*