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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Face Mask review - Aqua Boost Moisturizing Mask

Why suddenly decide to do face mask reviews, you may ask.. I know, I know.. I'm not exactly the most dedicated person to any kind of skincare, bodycare, makeup etcetc.. Haha.. Well, the past few days my skin has been feeling hell-a-dry, so I decided to go out searching for budget-friendly, as well as easy-to-use masks for a quick pick-me-up! The first place that came to mind? Sasa!

I bought quite a few masks, spent about RM40 in total, and that's with the discount (still on sale! ;p) So this is the first one I tried - Aqua Boost Moisturizing Mask by sasatinnie.

As usual, the mask sheet was too big for my face, nothing new there, lol.. The thing that did surprise me though, was how easy the mask could be folded in places and moved around to match the size of my face! Usually I'll have to tear other masks to pull it tighter, or just live with random air vacs between the mask and my skin, usually on my cheeks or nose.

The moisture on the mask was just nice, not too wet or sticky, and was made even better by the fabric (?) of the mask, which was not to soft, thick, or thin.. After leaving it on for the recommended 20 minutes, the sheet was still moist enough to fold and put on my neck for another 20 minutes! Voila! 2 masks in 1! =D Even after that, it was still not dried up!

Immediately after this mask, my skin felt smooth and soft to the touch, minus the sticky leftover residue, and it actually looked smoother too.. The next day, I could feel some blackheads had come up to the surface, so that if you just slightly brushed them with your fingernail (washed of course, you dont wanna contaminate your face with germs now do you? That was once my downfalling!) they would come away with ease.

The Aqua Boost Moisturizing Mask is made in Korea, and is formulated with hyaluronic acid and plant extracts. It claims to instantly recharge skin moisture, increase moisture retention, prevent premature aging, and repair free radical damage.

This is defiantely a mask I'm gonna buy in the future.. When I get through the other pile I bought on the same day! Lol.. Consider it thoroughly recommended! And at a selling price of RM4.90, what have you got to lose? =)

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