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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Loving the jet-setting life~!!

I'm back! And have just got a few days free to update my wonderfully neglected blog.. Sigh.. I swear I am trying to get back into the flow of blogging! There's so much I wanna write down and share with you! =D

Well, as you know, my adventures have just begun.. New passport in hand, my first trip was to ShenZhen, China with Cypress Films. I was going as their production assistant, for a documentary which sadly, fell through.. =( We had a great One Night in ShenZhen though, as King said! ;p
View from the plane during landing..

Smelly Tofu! Couldnt stand the smell from a street away, but as I was told, as soon as you put it in your mouth, no smell, and quite a nice taste! =) (I was feeling adventurous ;p)
Dinner with The Boss, and Sok Peng's never-before-met uncle! =D (There was way too much food.. But I forgot to take a photo.. Haha..)
Yummy yummy KFC Mango Smoothie.. We had to duck into KFC as it was pouring down! This was around midnight, we'd just finished touring the shops.. They open til 11.30pm! My kinda shopping time! =D
Omigosh a shop-full of cute-cute MONCHHICHIs!!! =D

Waiting to catch our plane back to KL - Sok Peng, King & I

I actually feel like ShenZhen is like the less developed parts of KL.. It's not a place I would say I wanted to re-visit, but it was a good experience all-round.. Culture-shock to the max though.. Made me a bit worried as to what was in store for me on my next trip, which I'll blog about next week - Manila!! =D


Ms. Wants-To-Go-To-Beijing/Shanghai-Next!!

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