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Monday, 15 November 2010

Who says Malaysian-made cars don't measure up?

Now, we as Malaysians don't exactly give our home-grown car brand names the support that we should.. Given a chance, not one of us would willingly choose to drive a Proton or a Perodua, am I right? We give them names like 'Áluminium Can', and truth be told, yes, they could be made of a stronger metal. But are they really as bad as we make them out to be?

Our cars are available overseas, and people do buy them.. They may not sell like hot cakes, but there's got to be a reason the foreign market accepts them right? In fact, I remember my boyfriends 1st car, a 2nd hand, green Proton Iswara..

Now, you may say, a Proton? 2nd hand some more? But hey, that car is STILL up and running even now that he has a Mitsubishi Triton, 2 vans and a Proton Juara (which is also a yellow 2nd hand). =) Plus, when it comes to repairs, new tyres, and fuel consumption, boy is there a big difference! They may not have the power to race other cars, but you shouldnt be racing on the streets anyway! *stern look*

Let's be honest - They arent the best cars on the planet, but they aint half as bad as we like to make out! And we have so many choices! So the Perodua Kancil and Kelisa ae too cramped for you? How bout the Viva or MyVi? Prefer sedans? Oh the selection! The new Proton Saga? How about the Persona? If you have the dough, you can even get the Proton Perdana! And that's not all, what about the van-type? The MPVs? Come on, there's something for everyone here! Lol..

Let's support our local brands ey? Bring more money into the country so we can all prosper.. =) There are Perodua and Proton showrooms all over the country, but if you're like me and cant be bothered to move your a** off the chair, you can also search online to survey prices and models! A great webiste I found is this one for Proton cars. In fact if you are into checking the car market online, you most probably have heard of it! =)

Now, let's hope the companies spends more of this revenue into making cushier seats huh? ;p

This is Calista, signing off (while rubbing her sore bum)


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  2. Hi! I would love to be of help, but I dont think I quite get what you mean.. Please do let me know what exactly it is that I can do, and I will try my best.. =) Thanks!