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Friday, 31 December 2010

Star of Tomorrow

You know what sucks?

Having a nine year old that has way more attitude than you have:

What's even worse is her having way more talent than you'd have in 5 lifetimes at 10 years old:

This girl is AMAZING!! You got a fan in me (the 23 year old old woman compared to you ;p) Willow!! =D

Note: I do not own any copyrights to either of these videos. Just thought they were too awesome not to blog about!! =)

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Facebook game..

There's this thing going around, asking friends to send a number to their inbox on facebook, and they'll update their status with that number and what they think of you.. It's kinda awesome.. These are a few of what I got.. =)
A one day friendship can last forever ain't it? On my first sight on you, your energy and charm filled up room! I've recognize you as a cheerful, fun and friendly person and you actually turned out to be much more interesting than that! The most interesting part I've found, you are good in things you do! ♥
- SF Kellie Mah
isit ur age ? hehe !! lol.joke..u're sweet and cute like a candy and even look like 13 ! haha~ stay preety and young babe . u've got the talent,seize it up and I belive someday u'll be on top ! and and I like the way u laugh ! funny ! haha~ I wanna see u again ! haha.
- Christ Boylondon
Dear No. 13,u r one of THE most important people in my life..
So grateful that we are so close n Love u to bits.. Really hope u get evrything u ever wanted in life, n even though we fight, I know we'll always stay like this..
Thx for being great..!!! :)))))
- Oliver Liew

Hihii.. Thanks guys!! I think you're all awesome too.. =)

Much love, and a fabulous new year!!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

I like this...

I took this from the front pages of Taylor Swift's "Fearless"album.. Beautifully put, I think.. But then again, she IS a songwriter.. =)

Fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death. Fearless is falling madly in love again, even though you’ve been hurt before. Fearless is getting back up and fighting for what you want over and over again…even though every time you’ve tried before, you’ve lost. It’s fearless to have faith that someday things will change. Fearless is having the courage to say goodbye to someone who only hurts you, even if you can’t breathe without them. It’s fearless to fall for your best friend, even though he’s in love with someone else. And when someone apologizes to you enough times for things they’ll never stop doing, it’s fearless to stop believing them. It’s fearless to say you’re NOT sorry, and walk away. Loving someone despite what people think is fearless. Allowing yourself to cry on the bathroom floor is fearless. Letting go is fearless. Then, moving on and being alright… that’s fearless too. But no matter what love throws at you, you have to believe in it. You have to believe in love stories and prince charmings and happily ever after. Because love is fearless.

Guess I have quite a way to go before I truly am "fearless".. But I'll get there someday.. =)

Friday, 17 December 2010

Home for Christmas!

I've been sitting in McD at KL Sentral with my bestie (*hugs*) Adrian for over an hour now.. And there's another 5 hours++ to go! Sigh.. Feeling sleepy already, so while he attacks facebook via his mobile, I'm lucky enough to be able to ramble a bit on my blog via my laptop! ;p

I'm SO happy to be going home for Christmas!! Miss my family so much, and hey, it's CHRISTMAS!! What more do I need to say eh? ;p The present giving and receiving, Christmas dinner (yum yum!), and just the all-round LOVE!! Christmas is always the best time of year.. *happy sigh*

So now we're slowly becoming zombies here while waiting.. No sleep tonight.. =/ And as Adrian's got work tomorrow at 1pm, and I'm in an aisle seat (damn!), looks like no sleep anytime soon! *screams*

But one happy thing that IS happening tomorrow (or later), is my friend Shirley's wedding! =D It's the reason I'm going back to KK on the 17th, wouldnt miss it for the world! I'm going with Ray, it's at Grand Port View.. I saw your wedding photos on facebook babe, and they're BEAUTIFUL! Who was the photographer? You gotta let me know.. =) This is my fave.. I think.. There were so many it was hard to choose.. Lol..
CONGRATULATIONS BABE!! May you and your husband have a blessed marriage and family.. =) Cant wait to see you!!

And with that, I'll leave you all with happy thoughts and go and play Plants VS Zombies for a while.. =)

Calista, falling asleep. Out!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

When you feel down and out..

...who is really gonna be there for you?

Monday, 6 December 2010

Some recounts of work.. =)

I know I havent really blogged about the jobs that I've been doing.. Not a lot, but sufficient enough I guess to say that I have accomplished something in the year I've been here in KL pursuing my dream.. Modelling.. Hmm. What can I say? Competition is stiff, and you really have to push yourself.. There is so much I need to improve, as does every other girl out there who wants to succeed in this industry. I try. I try to keep my body in tip top shape (though not quite there yet.. Damn you McD! ;p). I try to keep my skin clear. I try to make an effort every time I go out. I try to diligently look for new castings or postings. I try not to procrastinate. I try to shake off my lazy days. I try to give every job my all. I try, I try, I try. Of course, there are my slack days, there are my off days, but I just put those behind me after wallowing in sorrow for a couple of hours.. ;p

So here, as a summary, are photos from some of the shoots / jobs that I've done throughout the year.. Feel free to leave comments! =)

Photoshoots / Print:

Grammar Experts brochure
Female Magazine - Beauty Expert
Maybelline BB CreamIndependantMG Harley-Davidson Facebook page
Lady in White - Joe Low PhotographyMini Mart Fashion - Photics Productions
Strong Heart - Mr Didi Photography
Quick Throttle Bike Mag (USA)
Mystique Subtle - Fashion La Devin website
Maybelline Colour Sensationals Lipstick Leaflet Advertorial

Will put up other stuff in the next post.. =) There are a couple of other shoots that are not included, but this is because I dont have the photos yet.. =) Not bad for a year, but in 2011 I hope for more! More photoshoots, more prints out, more work in general!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Singapore part 2!!

... Continued from previous post.

So after the Esplanade, Amal and I headed down to Clarke Quay where we were meeting Sha.. As we arrived first, we went round the clubs and bars and also the little flea market smack in the middle.. Amal bought a top, and I lusted over the awesome accessories that a.I would buy and do nothing with, or b.Didnt fit me (bangles are always way too big for me) =( There are a lot of interesting places there though, I can see why it's one of the most popular hangouts in Singapore.. =)

When Sha arrived we went to this little Japanese place (forgot the name, whoops!) to have some dinner.. Well.. More like snacky stuff.. Tempura.. But anyway. It was good!
These were the cute lil bottles of soy sauce given to mix with the wasabi.. Now, where there's wasabi, there's sure to be......faces like this!! Hahaha.. =) (They love me really, deep down.. Nyehehe..)

After all that drama, we took a cab down to this really dogy place lloking for an act called "Kumar". Apparently Kumar is a he-she who says many inappropriate things.. Hmm.. But he'd (she'd?) moved location, so we hopped in another cab down to this nice little place called 3 Monkeys in Holland Avenue. Again, it was Kumar's day off, so we just ended up yapping all night (surprised? ;p) It was a great evening, and I cant wait to do it again! As we realised then and there, we were 3 women of 3 diferent generations, and yes, we get on just swell! =D Was gone 4am before we got home.. Haha..

Day 2: (I know right, all that and it's only day 2! *rolls eyes*)

Alan woke us up early (so what's new) and took us to Orchard Road.. Ah yes, Orchard Road, the only place I've actually heard of in Singapore.. Lol.. That's cz all my friends are shopaholics that's why! ;p
Oohh.. Inneresting headlines!
Not rich enough to shop on Orchard Road, so had to try steal this woman's bag! ;p
Alan made me take a photo of the road.. *rolls eyes at Alan*
Alan squishing me in Ngee Ann City.

We had lunch at Starbucks, where I had a yummy pie and my usual Green Tea Frapp, then on to Robinson's where Amal took me to this awesome brand called Wasabee.. I got a cool vest there, all thanks to Amal's sharp eye! ;p Saw some awesome leggings as well, really cool, I really liked the, but my legs are too short, the pattern didnt fit properly on me.. =( I was so gutted! But what to do? *sobs*

Then we went for a complimentary facial at BioSkin at Raffles Place.. They use this machine thing, like the hair removal machine,but instead of just light, it also sucks the impurities out of your skin.. It was quite ok, my face looked a lot cleaner when I left, but I think it's for people with problem skin. I wouldnt go for a course or anything, because I didnt feel like I had a facial, in the sense that there was none of the usual massaging, masks or anything.. It took away that spa feel.. =/ Another thing is we were told it would take 30 mins, so Alan was waiting downstairs. It took 1 and a half hours, thank you very much, and poor Alan must've been dying of boredom.. =(

For dinner, we went to Arab Street! Whee..! Just look at those kebabs! =D
Althoug I must say, I prefer Amal & Alan's homemade beef kebabs.. Mmm.. But Alan refused to make them for me.. Sigh.. Mean, I know.. Havent had them for over 2 years! *sobs*

Do you see the potatoes on that plate?? Yum yum.. But there was so much, because we also had oven-fresh pita bread, garlic bread and hummus before that.. So I got to bring some of the kebabs home with me.. =)

Don't we look happy? =D
There was also this wonderful Chinese shop next door, with the most beautiful stuff! They make this Chinese furniture etc, and they supply to places like Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa and the likes! It was all so beautiful I didnt wanna leave! I also got a couple of little things as they have like little ornaments and stuff at very reasonable prices! =)

And that was it! We went home, spent the night talkng and listening to music, then the next day, it was time to come back to KL! I was so upset to leave, but in a way happy to leave Singapore as I really couldnt take the heat! Lol.. Nevermind, I'll be back soon! Miss you guys so much! =( Thanks for making my 1st trip to Singapore such a good one!