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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Deck The Halls...

...with family, food and gifts!! =D

Christmas 2010 was another awesome one, as all Christmases usually are.. =)

Christmas Eve

Was still running here and there looking for gifts.. Haha.. REALLY behind schedule this year.. And pressie ideas are getting scarcer by the year! =/ It all worked out in the end though.. =) Went clubbing at Firefly with Oli & co, and Ray was with his friends at the bar across from us.. So we were both running back and forth all night.. ;p Ray's really sweet when he's drunk.. Lol..Collage courtesy of Florence Thoong.. =)

Christmas Day

I love being 5 years old on Christmas morning! The excitement of seeing a full stocking, waking Oli's sleepy ass up so we can go through them together, and having Ray there laughing at us both.. Haha..The keychain has my birthdate, and my characteristics on it. Apparently I am "The Trailblazer" - "Explorer" "Organized" "Original" "Direct". Hmm.. What do you think? ;p

Then rushing outside to see all the colourful presents under the tree!! The only difference between now and my younger years, is I get more excited watching the reactions on everyone else's face when they open my gifts to them, than I do opening my own pressie! Haha.. We also get more creative nowadays.. As you'll see:
Yes. You see correctly.
The 1st photo is a drawn picture of a shoe, in a box, from my beloved mother.
The 2nd, is a very old phone, in a square box (to add weight), with "A Shoe" written on a piece of paper, from my brother, Oliver.
Why did they give me such creative, yet cheapskate presents? Nyahaha..
...those photos actually turned into these beauties!! =D
Meet my new Reebok Reetones! I asked for these, because they are apparently able to tone your butt and thighs AS YOU WALK. And you and I both know my lazy ass could use all the easy-toning it can get.. Hahaha.. I got the Easy-Tones, as they're meant for walking (and I do that a lot here in KL). They have these air-filled ball things at the bottom which is supposed to make you balance as you walk, so you dont feel the difference, but at the same time it does all the good in the world for your muscles! They also have ones for running, and for training, with different moving-air bobbles.. Let's see how it goes ey? I researched before buying, and have found nothing but good testimonials so.. =)

Other pressies received:
From Mom & Dad (I've actually finished this already.. I love Cecelia Ahern.. She's the author of P.S. I Love You, just in case you can't place the name.. ;p)

Just before X'mas, my Toshiba laptop's cooling system broke down. We took it to the service centre, but we hadnt sent the warranty out (stupid I know), and didnt know how long it would take to get it fixed. Now. If you know my boyfriend, and think he bought me a new laptop for X'mas, then congratulations! You would be correct! =DSometimes I dont know whether to hug him or slap him.. But I do feel loved.. =)

Dad had the best pressies this year though, with a drill from mom, a multimeter from Oli and I, and a car radio from Ray.. Everything he wanted! ;p

Mom got some lovely gold-plated REAL orchid earrings from dad, plus a tube of mascara, a voucher for a hair cut and colour at the prestigious Cut's Gallery in Palm Square (also Oli's workplace), and a Pakistani hand-carved bronze jug from Ray. =)

Oli got a Kose facial powder wash plus a glow-in-the-dark skull t shirt (which he claims is too rock, pfft!) from me, blue contacts from Ray.

Ray got Clinique facial wash, some speakers, and an ironing board (he asked for that.. Lol...)

After all of that excitement, we had a scrummy xmas dinner as usual.. Didnt get many pix this year tho as I was STARVING.. =( But we had roast pork (Ray's fave), roast beef, pigs in blankets (Oli's fave), stuffing balls (mom's..?), broccoli, mashed potato, roast potatoes (MY fave!!), and gravy. Along with Calista-wine a.k.a. sparkling grape juice.. Hahaha..

Boxing Day

Hams and cheese, with jelly, canned fruit and whipped (then spoilt) cream.. Lol.. Oli also got the evil eye from mom cz he didnt come home for it.. Ahahahaha.. So how was YOUR x'mas? I know this post is nearly a month late, but hey, I still wanna know how you spent your Holy Night! =) Drop me a comment, letting me know!

The Smallest, but Always Jolly Elf


  1. Ahahahahahaha.. Great post Calis.. N a great Xmas it was..! :))))

  2. Very interesting the way tour reetones were packed by your mum and Oli ... very cute ;-)
    What did you get your mum? You didnt mention that ... did she like it??

    Glad to hear you had such a lovely christmas; I must say I did too ... really fantabulous ;-)

  3. Oli: Here's to more great ones to come ey? =)

    Hope: I didnt? O! Oli and I got her the cut and colour.. =) Forgot to put our names.. Haha.. I'm glad your Christmas was good.. Everyone deserves a loving Christmas with family!!!! =D