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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Facebook game..

There's this thing going around, asking friends to send a number to their inbox on facebook, and they'll update their status with that number and what they think of you.. It's kinda awesome.. These are a few of what I got.. =)
A one day friendship can last forever ain't it? On my first sight on you, your energy and charm filled up room! I've recognize you as a cheerful, fun and friendly person and you actually turned out to be much more interesting than that! The most interesting part I've found, you are good in things you do! ♥
- SF Kellie Mah
isit ur age ? hehe !! lol.joke..u're sweet and cute like a candy and even look like 13 ! haha~ stay preety and young babe . u've got the talent,seize it up and I belive someday u'll be on top ! and and I like the way u laugh ! funny ! haha~ I wanna see u again ! haha.
- Christ Boylondon
Dear No. 13,u r one of THE most important people in my life..
So grateful that we are so close n Love u to bits.. Really hope u get evrything u ever wanted in life, n even though we fight, I know we'll always stay like this..
Thx for being great..!!! :)))))
- Oliver Liew

Hihii.. Thanks guys!! I think you're all awesome too.. =)

Much love, and a fabulous new year!!

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