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Friday, 17 December 2010

Home for Christmas!

I've been sitting in McD at KL Sentral with my bestie (*hugs*) Adrian for over an hour now.. And there's another 5 hours++ to go! Sigh.. Feeling sleepy already, so while he attacks facebook via his mobile, I'm lucky enough to be able to ramble a bit on my blog via my laptop! ;p

I'm SO happy to be going home for Christmas!! Miss my family so much, and hey, it's CHRISTMAS!! What more do I need to say eh? ;p The present giving and receiving, Christmas dinner (yum yum!), and just the all-round LOVE!! Christmas is always the best time of year.. *happy sigh*

So now we're slowly becoming zombies here while waiting.. No sleep tonight.. =/ And as Adrian's got work tomorrow at 1pm, and I'm in an aisle seat (damn!), looks like no sleep anytime soon! *screams*

But one happy thing that IS happening tomorrow (or later), is my friend Shirley's wedding! =D It's the reason I'm going back to KK on the 17th, wouldnt miss it for the world! I'm going with Ray, it's at Grand Port View.. I saw your wedding photos on facebook babe, and they're BEAUTIFUL! Who was the photographer? You gotta let me know.. =) This is my fave.. I think.. There were so many it was hard to choose.. Lol..
CONGRATULATIONS BABE!! May you and your husband have a blessed marriage and family.. =) Cant wait to see you!!

And with that, I'll leave you all with happy thoughts and go and play Plants VS Zombies for a while.. =)

Calista, falling asleep. Out!

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