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Monday, 6 December 2010

Some recounts of work.. =)

I know I havent really blogged about the jobs that I've been doing.. Not a lot, but sufficient enough I guess to say that I have accomplished something in the year I've been here in KL pursuing my dream.. Modelling.. Hmm. What can I say? Competition is stiff, and you really have to push yourself.. There is so much I need to improve, as does every other girl out there who wants to succeed in this industry. I try. I try to keep my body in tip top shape (though not quite there yet.. Damn you McD! ;p). I try to keep my skin clear. I try to make an effort every time I go out. I try to diligently look for new castings or postings. I try not to procrastinate. I try to shake off my lazy days. I try to give every job my all. I try, I try, I try. Of course, there are my slack days, there are my off days, but I just put those behind me after wallowing in sorrow for a couple of hours.. ;p

So here, as a summary, are photos from some of the shoots / jobs that I've done throughout the year.. Feel free to leave comments! =)

Photoshoots / Print:

Grammar Experts brochure
Female Magazine - Beauty Expert
Maybelline BB CreamIndependantMG Harley-Davidson Facebook page
Lady in White - Joe Low PhotographyMini Mart Fashion - Photics Productions
Strong Heart - Mr Didi Photography
Quick Throttle Bike Mag (USA)
Mystique Subtle - Fashion La Devin website
Maybelline Colour Sensationals Lipstick Leaflet Advertorial

Will put up other stuff in the next post.. =) There are a couple of other shoots that are not included, but this is because I dont have the photos yet.. =) Not bad for a year, but in 2011 I hope for more! More photoshoots, more prints out, more work in general!