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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Haiti, Japan, Chile... Will the quakes ever subside?

They're all coming too fast, too close after the previous one. And bigger, more devastating. Plus tsunamis? This is all too much.. How is our already fragile earth going to be able to stand all this? My thoughts go out to Haiti, Japan and Chile, but I also cant help thinking "where next?". For one, the tsunamis that are expected are not only going to hit these countries, but the surrounding ones as well. How are we going to be able to help all these people, all at once?

Once unheard of, even peacful Sabah has had minor quakes, also not far apart from each other. 2.6 in Ranau, then 3.0 in Keningau approx. 2 weeks later.. What does this mean? Just last year, Oliver and I were talking about how we dont believe 2012 will be the end, but in such a short time frame, so many things are happening, and it just keeps getting worse.

The one good thing is that we are able to evacuate people in anticipation of the tsunamis, saving hundreds and thousands of lives; a sliver of hope through the darkness. But what else can we do? There are so many homeless, injured, dead. I read that the Haiti quake (7.0 on the Richter scale) damaged 50% of the country; half the country rendered useless and helpless. The Chile quake, which hit 8.8 on the Richter scale, is the fifth strongest quake of the century, how much damage has been done there? Japan has seen 2 quakes in the past month..

We, as mere spectators, can only watch in horror as all of this happens around us. But we cannot live in fear. Millions of people now need our help, and it is our duty as citizens of the world to help spread the message, donate to legitimate charities, and to do our part in trying to soothe Mother Nature. The time is now, and we must act before it is really too late..

Monday, 22 February 2010

Plus-sized petite model..?

Now, I have noticed that I've been a little chunky around the waist after the initial CNY junk food fiesta, but didnt think it'd be anything out of the ordinary, maybe just gaining back the fat I'd lost a few months before. Figured I could just put my nose to it and lose it after CNY ya know?

Until Ray decided to weigh himself. Of course, he hasnt gained a thing (personally, I think he's reached the limit.. ;p). So I stepped on the scale and looked down to discover....

...I've gained 2kgs!! In less than a week!! Is that even possible? Omg.. The shock, the horror!! ... Ok, in my defense to writing what may seem like such a bimbotic post, the shock is actually because I have reached my all-time heaviest.. At a crucial time when I need to lose more weight!! I mean, who's gonna want a petite AND plus-sized model? Huh?? Sigh.. This is a career post, not a weight post, really!! ;p

So I guess it's back to the grindstone. Gym, trying (key word) to control what and how much I eat, more slimming lotion to be slathered on I suppose.. Sigh.. So depressing.. Nyeh.

Yours sincerely,
The girl who loves food, specific food.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

CNY fun, with a Valentine's twist!!

I've been having fun this Lunar New Year, and I hope you have too!! Been to visit a lot more peoples' houses this time, and it's actually been fun catching up with old STTSS classmates.. I heard quite a few classes were doing the same thing, how many of you actually got to catch up? It's amazing how everyone's all 'grown up' now, and everyone's mom, dad, aunt and uncle have to ask if anyone in the group is married yet, before they pass out the ang paus!! =)

For the eve we did the usual reunion dinner at our aunt's house, but surprisingly there wasnt as many people this year.. Wonder where everyone's gone? After dinner, Old Town White Coffee with the 'rents & Ol.. Ray went back to Kudat for his reunion dinner!!

1st day of CNY, as previously mentioned, fell on V-day, so I waited for Ray to get back, when he gave me his gift; guess how lucky this girl is??
=D =D =D
The handphone I've been eyeing - Nokia E72!!
*Calista jumps up and down with joy*

Then we went to his aunt's for lunch, where more ang paus were given out (ang paus are my fave part of CNY.. Muahahaha..), and Ray got to join in the traditional CNY gambling / cards when we went back at night.. We finished the night with a late night snack at Upperstar Lintas with his cousin from KL.. =)
Now you may be wondering what I got Ray for V-day, since I got such an awesome-cool-beans-omg-scream-for-joy pressie. Well, what he gave me was almost as good as what I gave him, but not quite.. ;p So what was so great? Aha.. I.. I.. Cooked him a candlelight dinner of spaghetti bolognese!! Ahahahahahahaha.. What? I cooked. All by myself. 1st time k? =p
It went quite well really.. If you block out the image of me using an apron as a 2nd mitt (I'm terrified of oil/sauce spitting up and burning me, which is why I never fry anything usually..). Or me dropping the sauce can in the pan while trying to scrape out the last of the sauce. Or even me getting sauce stains on the walls and my white top (ever-so-smart of me). In the end, Ray gave me 90marks, even though for some reason there was no sauce (but very tasty mince). ;p
2nd day started with a visit to Sharin's house where we were our usual noisy selves, then 'bai nian' with S3 Xin classmates Anne Ng, Fui Mon, Elvina, Kent Chin, Siew Li.. We went to Losiap's place (where there was a very good lion dance performance), and met up with Catty and Aaron.. At night it was yamcha time as we met at Lai's (otherwise known as yipi ;p), where Wen Jye, Ah Mang, Melissa and Howard a.k.a Ah Giu also joined in the '38' session..
3rd day: Sharin's place, to see her for the last time before she left for New Zealand again.. *sobs* I miss her already!! We had fun this trip though, didnt we? =D Cant wait for November to come around again!!
Met with the small S3 Xin group again at Ah Mang's house, followed by Melissa's, Fui Mon's, and lastly Alien's open house.. What a long day!! Got to see Celia at the open house too, which was a surprise (Jovanny, you know what I mean ;p)..
And today is the 4th day of Chinese New Year. A lot of people are back at work, and more shops are open now. Stayed up all night yapping with Oliver, slept at 5am.. That was fun, hahaha.. But this morning was not! Ugh, didnt wanna wake up.. Lol.. But I had to, and I made it to Pumpkin's open house by 12.30pm.. =) Didnt have much to do today, just got the final details of an ushering job, and continued transferring contact details from my Samsung (the stupid phone is mad that I got a new hp; the screen went the very next day!!), which is oh-so-tiring I'm telling you now!!
So I'll leave you at that, with another long-a** post.. Lol.. I'm good at being long-winded.. ;p Tell me about your new year, and ang pau reports are always welcome~!! D

Friday, 12 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year,

and Happy Valentine's Day!! Both fall on the exact same day this year.. =) Luckily reunion dinners are usually on the eve, so I will be able to spend Valentine's night at least with my Ray!! I have a little something special planned, and apparently he has a surprise for me too!! I've given him enough hints but he still doesnt know what mine is, so let's leave it that way for now.. Haha..

It's the My year!! (To those of you who dont know, I am a Tiger because I was born before CNY in 1987; I usually tell people I am a Tiger tail and a Rabbit head, which seems to sit right with how my personality is anyway.. ;p) Have you read your horoscopes for the Tiger year yet? I've seen a couple online, and a couple in the newspapers.. I also scanned through Lilian Too's Feng Shui zodiac series in Popular bookstore, shh~!! =p Unanimously, this year is gonna be a good year, and it should be!! A year of change..

Anyway, without further ado, here's me wishing all of you

Gong Xi Fa Cai
Happy St. Valentine's Day!!
May your CNY be filled with wealth, your Valentine's be filled with love, and your whole life filled with health and happiness!! =D

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Once again it's 5am. And I'm still awake. Again.

I know it's because I have an over-active mind, which is kinda like my mouth - It wont shut up. (Har-har) I know there are also at least 2 more major reasons as to why I cant sleep:

1. I wake up at 1 or 2pm everyday.
2. I do nothing except sit on my (gradually expanding) ass all day.

Sigh.. I could never take a lifetime of doing nothing. I am bored out of my brains already. Being a tai-tai so young is not a good idea!! Worst thing is, I cant even do things I wanna do cz I cant bloody drive!! ...... And Ray's working so I cant expect him to chauffeur me around all the time can I?? This is so irritating.. Pfft..

So I'm online. Blogging, going through, researching some stuff... Til I eventually fall asleep, probably near 6am, when I will have to wake up 2 hours later to watch over Ray's maid (who comes once a week). At least I'll have no choice but to be up early, so hopefully I'll be able to sleep at a decent time tomorrow..

Now to more pressing matters: I'm so HUNGRY~!!! Ugh... Hope Ray takes me out to breakfast before work tomorrow.. Now that's something to look forward to.. ;p

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Whoa, I'm 23!!

I'm actually 23 years old!! ... I still feel like I'm still a kid, which is a bit worrying as I'm sure people will expect me to act "less silly" now.. ... ... I know right, I cant imagine that either.. Lol.. It still feels kinda weird to tell people "Oh, I'm 23", but I'm sure I'll get used to it soon enough. After all, my age is a question I get asked almost as often as my race.. =)

This year, for the first time, I spent my birthday away from home.. It.. Wasnt quite like I expected it to be.. But I'm not gonna dwell on unhappy times, those I would rather not think about.. I was having just about the worst birthday ever, until Nalin decided that we were going out! =)
We hopped in a cab to Bangsar, where she bought me a scrumptious dinner at this lovely restaurant called delicious.. Didnt take many photos, but here are a couple of us, and the yummy mushroom salad we had.. We also had a shepard's pie, but were too busy stuffing our faces to remember to take pictures.. ;p
Taken with my Samsung Soul U900, which has a crappy camera, so forgive the bad pic. And the face. It's the only way I can get cheekbones. Muahahahahaha.. Nalin. That's the only caption this photo needs.
The mushroom salad!

Then, we left the restaurant to cross the road to go to the ATM, when it promptly started pouring. I'm serious! Out of nowhere!! We were freezing, cz it was really windy too!! ... So we crossed the road to try get a cab, 2 girls in heels and dresses, running in the rain. We must have looked hilarious!! Luckily this nice cabbie stopped and tried to give us as much shelter as possible to get in the car. Then we were off to Mist Club!! =D

We were meeting a new friend there, a girl Nalin's been in contact with on fb.. Harmini! I love this girl, she's so much fun!! But I'm getting ahead of myself. We reached and straight away bumped into Nalin's sis, Parveen, and her friends!! We then walked into the club (where they gave us one of those blacklight stamps on our wrists, which turned out to be smudges. How annoying is that??) and bumped into Steffy's cousin Roxanne, and Scott, both who came with different groups!! Looks like the place was happening, for 4 people who know each other to unknowingly meet in one club that's stranded in the middle of nowhere. Haha..

ANYHOO. We had a great time talking, dancing, laughing and just plain having fun.. It was a great night.. Harmini's cousins were fun too!! Plus they gave us a ride home, so thanks guys!! =D

Taken with Harmini's camera:
See, my Nalin loves me!! Whee~!!
In between 2 sisters...
Nalin drunk as usual. Haha, kidding.. There wasnt much, if any, drinking going on at all this night...
A picture taken by a wiling volunteer.. This was one weird night.
Me, Nalin & Harmini (S'up girl? ;p)

PLUS. This may have not been on my birthday, but I'm counting it as such cz meeting up with these 3 psychos was a great b'day gift in itself!!

Met up with Sharin, Farah and Amina at Chili's in Bangsar.. Yummy yummy!! Then we moved on to Laundry in e @ Curve for a last drink. Havent seen Amina or Farah in forever, and that is way too long!! We just hung out and talked and laughed, and Amina, congrats again for you-know-what!! ;p We should be able to do this on a regular basis.. It's not fair that we cant!!
*throws a tantrum*
*realizes she's 23*
*stands back up and pretends nothing happened*
*looks around, sees no one who will judge her (out loud), and continues to throw a tantrum*
Group photo
Told you I was the sane one!! =D

Family portrait (Sharin and her wife Amina; Calista,the love child)
Unable to contain my excitement any longer!! Wahahaha!!

At Laundry with my Blue Ocean. Tell me that's not green!!?

Farah and I. Scary huh? Imagine what Sharin and I look like whenwe walk togther.. Hahaha.. (Oh, and before you start, yes, I am short, and yes, I know I am short, ok? Sigh.. And yes, Sharin is tall, and she knows she's tall, just so we're clear. And YES. WE LIKE IT THAT WAY! =D)
A lot of words, but a lot of pictures too!! So no complaining! ;p

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Maybelline Shoot

On the 6th of January I left for KL once more, this time for a Maybelline photoshoot.. =) Of course I was happy that we're doing this shoot for their brochures etc.. Hopefully it will be in the magazines too!! Was staying with Steffy and Geetha again.. =)

The shoot was done in 2 days, and out of the Simply Fabulous girls, it was Nalin, Diana and I who were called. We were shooting with Maybelline's Malaysian ambassador - singer/actress Liyana Jasmay. The photographer was no other than our Simply Fabulous photog - Kim Mun of 36o Studio!! It was great working with him again, as was working with our makeup artists Stevensunny and his assistant Ping (7/1/10) and Maybelline trainer Kimberly (11/1/10).
Day 1 was our group shoot, which was so much fun! I have to say I had way more fun on the first day.. =) After the group shoot, we did individual shots, first for Maybelline's new lipbalm. I was 'Girl with Botanicals', with the new [Lip Smooth] Botanicals lipbalm.. Nalin and I hung out at 1 Utama afterwards, where we had Nando's.. Yum! 1st time for me.. ;p We also nearly went out of our mind's when we went into an Australian accessories shop called Diva.. I'm going crazy for accessories nowadays, dont know what's wrong with me.. Haha..

Day 2 was individual shots again, for 2 more products: Diamonds eyeshadow in green, and Watershine lipstickin nude.. Was a longer day due to some hiccups, but the shoot was done very fast.. After the shoot Nalin and I went to see a condo with Steffy and Geetha, and after that I went to stay with Nalin for a few days, that turned into more than just a few.. Thanks for letting me invade your space Nalin!!

A couple of photos taken on Diana's hp:

Got to meet up with Jovanny this time, and we had a good day just walking round Berjaya Times Square (another 1st for me).. Another highlight of the trip was meeting up with Bei Shan and her friend June in Midvalley Megamall for lunch, where I turned up super late, mostly because the KTM apparently is worse at keeping time than I am!! ...... Met up with Sue after that, where we went to The Garden's (another 1st), and I met her pilot friend Hafiz when we yamcha'd there.. He owns a mamak in Semenyih, where I have never been, so next trip I wanna go, ok?! Haha..
Came to 1 of the shoots Nalin was working on for her photog friend Javad. The guy can bring the house down I tell you.. Lol.. It was cool watching the models work, they were really good!! It was a competition for the magazine Modelle, and Nalin was helping out as art director and 'coolie'.. Nyahaha..

Went to Werner's one night and had a really nice pizza and lasagna with Hafiz and Sue.. Then we went upstairs to the club, where Sue had way too much fun.. (lol Sue!) Met Sue's bf, and someone I havent seen in a very long time, n who I enjoyed talking to - Andy from Estranged is one of Malaysia's most down to earth celebs.. =D

Andy, Sue, and moi

When Nalin got off work I joined her as she wanted to chill over drinks, so we stopped at this bar called Sutraa.. This is where she introduced me to the one alcoholic drink that I actually can take - Malibu Pineapple. It tastes nothing like alcohol!! Yay!! So Calista finally has an alcoholic drink, and when people say "no soft drinks", I can actually order something to shut them up.. Muahahahaha.... Thanks Nalin! =p

And that was my January trip to KL, minus my birthday which will be in my upcoming post. =p