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Friday, 16 July 2010

Mont Kiara - Malaysia's Beverly Hills (or so I've heard..)

As you probably know from my past posts, I only moved here a few months ago, though I've been travelling back and forth for about a year now. Some of the information that I was given by friends was that the higher end locations were mainly Bangsar, some parts of Damansara, and the heart of KL itself. But the one place that was always mentioned as the creme de la creme when it comes to homes of the rich, was Mont Kiara. Since I've been here, the amount of times I myself have been to the area can be counted on one hand (just barely ;p). But that led my curiosity to the property in this beautiful place (and believe me, the place actually does look a step above of the others!), and I did a little research into the different condos there. Here's what I discovered:

Some of the prettiest (and most expensive):

Kiara Hills (now tell me that doesnt shout exclusive!)

If you're looking for a great night view of KL, the peak of this residence is the place to be.

The Residence (even the name gives you a feel of class!)

These beauties cost a minimum of RM7 million, so you can be sure you'll be surrounded by some well-known names if you can afford one!!

Villa Mont Kiara (Looks like they belong in the countryside for the famous , no?)

These bungalows are in a gated and guarded community, so if you're looking for peace of mind when it comes to safety, I'd suggest the Villa.. =)

There are many popular condos in Mont Kiara; it's famous for it! For a list of them, you can visit this site I found, called Mont Kiara Properties. They also have short reviews on each place, and other links for more info if you wish. =)

My top choice for condo design though*, goes to Tiffani by i-zen:
A little birdie (ok ok, a little squid.. Nyahaha.. Points for knowing what I'm refering to! **) also told me that certain famous designers and celebrities stay here!

You may also have noticed a very intriguing ad of some new property in GSC Cinemas, during the preview.. I dont think it's still on, cz it was pulling my attention even before I moved to KL! Their tag line is "Move In, Move Up". Yep, it's the Verve Suites.. I LOVE that ad.. Makes me wanna be rich! Well.. A lot of things do, but that ad pulled on my heart strings every time it came up!
Sorry, couldnt find a better photo. Their website is running on flash so I couldnt save from there. =/
The four 33-storey blocks in The Verve have really cool names too: Viva, Vibe, Vogue and Vox.. =)

Well, that's all from me! I'll leave you drooling over these to-die-for residences while I go back to counting how many years it'll betil I can own one.. ;p

* Based on photos of the exterior/poolside only, found on the net. Actual buildings may look better or worse! =)

** Check the link!