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Sunday, 2 January 2011

1st post of the year~!!

2011, here we come!! Well, here we are.. Lol..

So how do you start off the year? Making resolutions? Never really been my thing.. But after an interview-cum-photoshoot with Eugene of Fame Cherry a few days ago, and was asked basic, but at the same time deep in a way, questions about myself, I have to say, I may have to face up to what I knew I'd have to do for a while now - decluttering my mind.

Three main questions boggled me:

1) How would you describe yourself?
2) What is your ultimate dream?
3) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I used to be able to answer these questions with ease. Now? Sigh.. Sometimes, life takes a different direction from where you want it to go. Sometimes, you yourself are the one to change your path without you even knowing until one day, you get dropped with questions like these.

So. I did what I always do: Check my horoscope forecast. Haha.. I'm not totally superstitious about these kinda things, but I DO like to see what they say for a lil motivation and.. Preparation? I saw one on, and this is what it said:

Year 2011 Career

With your ruling planet Saturn continuing his exalted trip through the sign of Libra, your career continues to take precedence over almost anything. That is until a grand monopoly of Aries planets moves into your domestic sector between March and May. Balancing home and career becomes a dire-albeit-difficult necessity. But if anyone can find the time to do it all it's you, Capricorn. Time management has never been more crucial in preventing anything from slipping through the cracks. There is just so much going on at such an alarming speed that even you -- one of the most grounded and head-strong signs of the zodiac -- could suffer from an oversight or two.

With the Lunar Nodes landing in your work and goals sector in 2011, even the most seemingly menial of tasks will take on a fated quality. What you produce, practice and put out into the world will have reverberating consequences for the next 13 or so years so be sure that you only put out work that is top-notch (as if you could ever live with anything less). June and July are by far your absolute busiest work months, so be sure to keep other commitments to a minimum as much as possible. Late September-early October offer the best opportunities to get recognized for your efforts. With the monopoly of planets in Aries pushing you to put yourself out on a limb despite Saturn's usual reserve, risk-taking is infinitely rewarded in 2011. Go for it!

A few decisions are rolling around in my mind, but I'm still as muddled as ever! Especially since I've had a slight change of mind over some things I was dead sure on just a few weeks ago.. And the love part of it doesnt help either!

Year 2011 Romantic

The paradox of being absolutely self-centered in order to give more to your relationships has never held more wisdom for you than in 2011. The planetary emphasis is bringing you home to self. It's all about greater self-awareness and not sacrificing your own needs in order to play the role of the perfect, responsible caretaker. Those codependent days are past. Saturn is teaching you how to regain the balance, while the major showcase of planets in the constellation of Aries this spring is a reminder to listen to your instincts and stay true to number one. Your fears of appearing selfish must be eradicated during this crucial time of selfhood. Each individual is being asked to take personal responsibility for generating their own self-love and happiness. Be the change you want to see in your love life, Capricorn.

Jupiter, the beloved planet of good fortune, enters your romance sector this summer bringing love and pleasure in plenty. Expect a windfall of romantic interludes to make this a gorgeous summer to remember. Sensual pleasures abound. Take a risk, wear your heart on your sleeve and expand your vision of what you never thought was possible in love.

The presence of Pluto in your sign reminds on a daily basis that you cannot compromise passion for safety. Intensity, deep intimacy and a true meeting of souls are the base minimum requirements for you to give your heart away. No longer will you compromise or go for shallow substitutes. When Venus enters your stars in late November through most of December, you'll be feeling the love. It doesn't hurt that you're at your most beautiful just in time for your birthday.

Be more self-centered? Dont sacrifice my own needs and stop being codependant? Sigh.. I'm confused.

So yes. It seems ended 2010 without knowing what I want! Bring on self-discovery in 2011 ey? =)

Happy New Year to all, and may the Year of the Metal Rabbit be one of joy, love, wealth, health, and self-fulfilment!!



  1. Oooooohhhhh.. Seems pretty accurate u know.. Lets just hope the good things are true..!!! :))

  2. I know right! Same as yours, and even Adrian's!! =D Let's hope for the best!! *hugs*