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Thursday, 27 January 2011

24th in Ipoh!

No, not the 24th of the month, 24 years old people!! =D

Yep, I just turned 24.. Whew~!! How time flies eh? Omg.. I feel like I'm still in my teens, and I've been a young adult now for 4 years!! =O Should I start feeling old? Hmm.. Cz I dont! I still feel like the world is my oyster and I have a million years ahead of me! It could end up being one year left if 2012 comes around tho, hmm, but c'est la vie~!! Ahaha..

Anyway, since I wasnt in KK celebrating with my family, and thanks to some great timing, I spent my birthday in Ipoh with Sue and the Chans.. Sue got a call to debut her first single live at the Domino's Carnival there, and invited Adrian and I to come along.. Hell yeah~! Never been to Ipoh so I was all for it! =DWe left on the 12th, and it's only about a 2 hour drive so we got there at about 3pm. Drove round and round looking for food, n never found any. Hmm. We asked this uncle and he told us to tail his car, where we finally found the restaurants at the back of the town.. Erm.. Right.. Anyhoo. We had Ipoh's famous chicken rice, without the bean sprouts cz I no like no likey at all, then it was off to drive round in more circles to find Dataran Ipoh, or Ipoh Parade.
Omg, before I continue, I have to complain (I complained 2 days non-stop while we were there, but I dont care ;p) about the HEAT! Ugh! It sure did pick the wrong day to beat it down! We were sticky all the way, and the sun was shining directly on me the whole time throughout the journey! The aircon couldnt even cool down, it was that hot! Sigh.. Worst part is, the place I stayed at had no water heater, and I dont do cold showers, so I had to do the whole wet-wipe thing.. *sobs* And Ipoh is like all one-way roads, so you keep getting lost!! Sigh..

*end rant*

When we FINALLY found Ipoh Parade, just as we were going up the (amazingly dizzying ramp to the car park, I received a message saying the carnival wasnt there.
*smacks head on dashboard*
So Adrian and I just walked a few rounds, got a drink and a green tea ice cream, then left for the new place, Jalan Dr Nazrin Shah (or something like that.. Haha..) Directions sent to us said we had to go back through the KL toll, so we were slightly worried.. But luckily I am kaypoh (busybody), and noticed a bouncy castle and stage on the road about 10 minutes up from Ipoh Parade.. I then noticed a Domino's outlet there, and *lightbulb*, asked Adrian to slow down cz I thought it was the place.. True enough, a bus stop with the road's name came up, so we turned in! Phew! Luckily I am so observant! (Yes, I shall call my kaypoh-ness "observant" from now on. And you cant stop me!)
She belongs on stage.. =)
L - R: Sue, Adam J. Tan, Damian of VE

Sue did an amazing job! I felt so proud! I could definitely get used to having a singer as a friend! ;p The song is "Perang Tepuk Tangan", and it's now on the Top 20 charts on Era FM.. She's featuring, the main singer is Adam J. Tan, so look it up! I promise you wont be disappointed! =D You can also look up SusieLIEW and Adam Tan on facebook. =)

After the show, we went back to Adrian's sis' place in Kampar (Heidi and Mandy are both studying there). Had a yummy home-cooked meal by the Super 2, and even some herbal chicken soup! Yes, we were happy.. Muahaha.. Then we went out to 放许愿灯, which are basically Taiwan wishing lanterns.. You light it up inside, wait for the gas to fill up the lantern, and make a wish as it floats skywards! =) It was fun..Big right?It floated so high so fast, within a few minutes we couldn't see it at all!

Then I was taken for a lil walk by the lakeside, while, unknown to me, a birthday cake was brought out! =D Omg I was so surprised! Never expected that! =D I'm never good at expressing surprise.. =)Yes. My crazy eyes. Again.

The cake was so pretty as well, and actually yummy, not like some of those other sponge cakes.. They also put a trick candle on it *narrows eyes*, and I was ALSO tricked into getting my face smashed into the cake.. *screams*
Caught in the act!!... I know. ...

After a tour around Kampar (which randomly has a Lombong (mining) museum down the road from a McDonald's *scratches head*, it was beddy-byes, ready for a long day the next day......

*Hint for next post: Temples and presents!


  1. This is the cutest account yet ... sounds like such fun!! Wish I was there too.
    You have lovely friends girl ;-)
    Many Happy returns ;-)
    and oh.... cute pictures! too

  2. Thanks so much A! And yes, my friends are awesome! =D Wait and see the intriguing photos that are coming up next! ;p

  3. can i smash your face with a cake on your next birthday? :D