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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Food + Love = Sexy Time!

Christmas has just gone by, and the new year too. You're probably sick of buying presents now huh? But wait! There are birthdays to come, and for those of you who are attached, anniversaries and a day of romance just around the corner - Valentine's Day.

So. What do you buy for your special one, when all the jewelry, flowers, cuddly toys, heart-shaped ornaments, yada yada yada have all been done over and over again? You need variety, some spice of excitement, but what? Lingerie is dangerous, what if you buy the wrong size? And see-through nightwear is just oh-so-cliche.. But check this out: I think I've found the next-big-thing, for your girlfriend AND yourself! *big wink*

Yep! An edible bra! =D I've heard about this stuff before, but only just realised you can buy it here in Malaysia! And just in case you're the shy-shy type, e-shopping is ALWAYS a good option. ;p

It's basically made up of 515 pieces of Switzerland candy (I know right, can't get much sweeter ;p), which is handmade into a bra. It exudes a sweet, alluring scent, and has melt-in-your-mouth, not-in-your-hand technology (Think M&Ms!). And best of all, one size fits most, so no more headaches!! Whee~!!

Another thing it can be good for is a bride's pressie! I mean, everyone wants a bit of excitement on their wedding night right? I've so many friends getting married these couple of years, dont be surprised if YOU, yes you my newly-engaged friend! get one on your hens night! ;p

I also found their facebook page (of course I searched, I mean, which young company doesnt have a facebook page huh??) which is

So check it out, even if you're not the kinky type, 515 pieces of candy cant go wrong can it?? Lol.. Especially when a couple of bites can reveal a whole new picture! (If you know what I mean ;p)

Enjoy! =)


  1. Ooohh..! This sounds like a good gift.. :D

  2. I know right? =) Better order while they're still fresh! Haha..

  3. The fame cherry pictures are amazing, what a magnificent dress you are wearing, what a smile, what a woman!