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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Mind-boggling indeed..

Now, I know a lot of people have beliefs, and what you believe, is very hard to change, right? But what about when something totally unexplainable pops up? Do you poopah it and say it's not true, and refuse to listen to any more 'nonsense'? Do you get intrigued and get so engrossed into researching further, that you end up learning way more than you ever imagined? I know both types of people, and I also know people like me (well, I know me la for one), who gets very interested in anything 'freaky' or 'unconventional' but totally fascinating and, although I dont believe easily in many things, sometimes, you just have to stop your head from spinning when you see things like this:

Go on, watch the whole thing, and tell me what you think! The Boy Who Lived Before? You have to admit, a 5 year old boy with uncanny memories has to make you stop and think! =) A word of warning though, this video is only for the open-minded! Enjoy!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

A Birthday to Remember

This is amazingly overdue, I know.. It was left half-finished for so long, and I'm sorry to neglect my blog again! But here it is, finished before I'll prolly have to neglect you guys for another 2 weeks as I'm currently busy in Singapore working on an event.. Please bear with me.. =/ This post is so long it should keep you going until then anyway! Long-winded biatch I am sometimes eh? ;p

Just a note before I start babbling =): I thought it'd be fun to answer any questions you have for me, as long as you leave them in the comment box below, on a post. I'll choose one or two questions and answer them in the next blog post I do. That way, we can get to know each other better, no? You can ask me random stuff, or something about the post, go crazy!! =D True, kinda stealing this idea from one Shane Dawson, but me wanna! And Shane Dawson is awesome.. ;p So please, leave me comments or questions! I like.. =)

Last post, BlooDripz asked me: "Can i smash your face with a cake on your next birthday? :D"
Hmm.. That's a tough one, I admit.. I guess it'd depend on how great your present is! =D

Haha.. So, on to the temples and presents I promised you!

Early the next morning, we all went out for breakfast, then decided to go back to Ipoh straight to explore more and meet a friend of Adrian's for lunch.. What actually happened was we got lost again, and went in more circles, before eating with his friend.. Haha.. Then it was getting pretty late, so we tried looking for the road we came on, cz I wanted to go to these beautiful temples we saw on the way down, built into the hills..

Nope. Got lost. It seems EVERY road in Ipoh goes to KL! Every sign u see says "Kuala Lumpur" this way or the other, and you drive and drive until it tells you to U-turn, and you end up where you came from! *screams*

When we FINALLY found it though, it was worth it! These temples are so fascinating!

Temple 1This was directly in the side of the hill! =)

The next one we went to was even better! I'm not too sure whether it's a temple or they make sculptures or what..
There were rows of these statues when we walked in:
Followed by loads of sculptures like these!
Then we came to this Japanese Wishing Tree
Further down we found these Easter Island-looking flower pots..The name of the place is "Guan Yin's Cave". This is painted on the side of the hill..But it also has random sculptures like this.. Lol..I was actually scared to touch this one.. Was originally planning to hold the hand, but when I got near I kept imagining it coming alive and not letting go.. Lol.. Shh.. Adrian's gonna tease the hell outta me now.. ;p But it was completely quiet, we were the only people there! =/Real turtles! "Obedient Turtles, Clap Your Hands"You can climb up here, but Miss Bug-Phobia here aint gonna do that! ;p
There was a notice saying that this is the temple with the most statues of Guan Yin, there are apparently 200 white and bronze coloured statues, all standing at 6' tall ! =O
"The Unmoveable White Elephant"According to a notice next to this elephant, which upon 1st glance seems like a normal rock, it was pulled out of a small river using a small craneand placed in this very spot. Before long, it was "in the way" and causing traffic jams and the sort, and so it was to be moved. Problem is, it refused to budge, even after 2 large cranes and a pair of "God Hands" (I dont know what they are either, lol..) came in, and weirdly enough, even snapped their cables! A calm and sunny day suddenly became windy almost like a small tornado, twisting around the bottom of the statue, worrying the people around.
After a few months, people started to notice there was an aura around the elephant, and it is said to have entered the dreams of masters from all around the world to come and visit it. Word spread like wildfire, and now countless worshippers have come to have a harmonious union with the elephant.
It's said that if you and the statue have fate, there will be a small tornado around the foot of the statue when you touch it or admire it. Through many High Masters, this has been proven to be "Wind Around the Buddha".
Intriguing eh? =)

The last statue we saw before leaving, was this frog!Now, it says that if you
Touch its head = It will grant you children and grandchildren.
Touch its tail = 年年剩家火 (Not quite sure what this means, if you do, please do let me know!)
Touch its foot = Your rice bucket will never be empty.
Touch its body = Your family will have a million happiness.
Touch its mouth = Eternal prosperity.
Touch its ear = Health will never leave you.

Guess which one I DIDNT touch? ;p

And that was it! Back to KL! =) And I got some awesome pressies this year, (still waiting for some though *cough*mom*cough*Oli*cough*) and one of my favourites is actually not material as such.. =)

It's from someone who is as close to being family as anyone can get.. My S'Mal!! =D (And yes, only I get to call her that! ;p)

I love it so SO much! I didnt tell you how much when you sent it to me, but you know I can get awkward with this kinda situation.. I'm always at a loss for words, and reactions! (Dont ask why, if anyone knows how weird I am, it's you!) But I do, it's absolutely fabulous, and it made my heart want to burst.. *teary-eyed hug*
And yes, to everyone else, I suppose it did appeal to my vainer side ey? ;p

Other touching presents were
From my new housemate from Indonesia, Nitta =)And this was from old old old old (true ma ;p) friend Wendy! =)

There's also another present, which you can see in the photos.. And you know who you are.. Love it so so much!! =D

So yes, I had an amazing birthday this year.. The only thing that wasnt so amazing was not having my family with me, but I guess, the older you get...... =(

Ciao for now,
The birthday bunny!