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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Mind-boggling indeed..

Now, I know a lot of people have beliefs, and what you believe, is very hard to change, right? But what about when something totally unexplainable pops up? Do you poopah it and say it's not true, and refuse to listen to any more 'nonsense'? Do you get intrigued and get so engrossed into researching further, that you end up learning way more than you ever imagined? I know both types of people, and I also know people like me (well, I know me la for one), who gets very interested in anything 'freaky' or 'unconventional' but totally fascinating and, although I dont believe easily in many things, sometimes, you just have to stop your head from spinning when you see things like this:

Go on, watch the whole thing, and tell me what you think! The Boy Who Lived Before? You have to admit, a 5 year old boy with uncanny memories has to make you stop and think! =) A word of warning though, this video is only for the open-minded! Enjoy!

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