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Monday, 28 March 2011

Taxi Drama!

After nearly 2 weeks of writers' block, something happened about an hour ago that I have to tell you about! Mind you, my writers' block had nothing to do with having nothing to write, 'cause, you know, I've never really mastered the art of shutting up, whether talking, thinking or writing; it was just that nothing seemed to flow right, and I didn't wanna post just random crap up that would leave you going "huh?". Trust me, you'd thank me for it. ;p

Anyway, I ramble.
So I got to the lobby of my condo, planning to walk to the bus stop to catch a cab to 1 Utama, you know, like usual.. But there was a cab waiting right there, and looking at me expectedly, so I went over and asked, "Are you on call?"
"Yes", he said.
"Oh, nevermind then, thanks", before I closed the door, and started walking to the guardhouse.

Then he rolled down the window and asked where I wanted to go, so I told him.
"If my customer isnt down here in 2 minutes, I can take you."
Feeling a bit naughty, I decided to wait n see, thinking the customer wouldnt be that long, then no harm done I'd just continue to walk out and burn in the way-too-bright sun.

About 4 minutes passed by. The taxi driver called me over, and said he's been waiting too long, so let's go. You've seen those cartoons, with an angel and a devil on each shoulder, arguing about what the person should do right? Well, the devil on my shoulder (Ooh, a Billy Talent song! =D) said "Just get in", and the angel was dying of heat stroke, so.. Nyahahaha..

I think he was enjoying being naughty as well, he kept laughing all the way, like he was skipping class or something, and halfway there the taxi company called, said the customer is downstairs and she cant see the taxi. So he said he cant see her either, blablabla, until he suddenly said, "Ok, customer in the taxi now". =O
Of course the company radioed back saying the customer said she still cant see the taxi, so who has he picked up? Was it a young woman?
So he looks at me, giggles, and says into the radio "Yes, it's a young woman."
The company then asks if he's sure he's got the right customer, is this customer going to Seapark? (I guess this is where the customer wanted to go.)
"Yes, we're nearly there already."
*gives me a surprisingly child-like mischievous look* This is an older Indian man! =)
"What is her phone number?"
"She said she was using her friend's phone."
"Ask her for her friend's number."
He then asks me to say my "friend's" number while he's on his radio, so I rattle off a random 016 number, and the lady on the radio goes "No, no, wrong customer. This one is a 012 number!"
"How should I know? She took so long to come down, this customer going to the same place, I thought it was her. Get her another taxi la, what to do?"

And that was that! Lol.. I did feel a bit bad for the customer, but hey, she took her own sweet time coming down right? (Yes, I say this to make myself feel better. ;p) And anyway, if that made the cabbie's day more fun, then it was all good! He was extremely happy even when I got out so.. =)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

It Makes It All Worthwhile

Remember the number the game that was happening on facebook last year?
You can go here to refresh your memory.. =)

Well, someone else was playing, a friend named Abigail, so I messaged her my number and what she wrote just made me feel all warm inside:
U are the first kawan orang putih (i mean half orang putih) yg saya perna make friends with..Seriously..
Kesian kan...haha..
Neways, u are extremely beautiful, pretty & gorgeous macam Mariah Carey..!!!
And also, u are the reason why I love my height.. =)
What about that was so special? The last sentence. When I know I have inspired or helped pull out the confidence of other girls like me, I know all the obstacles to become a petite model are worth it. At the end of the day, I may not become a supermodel, I may not even be remembered a few months down the line, but I fought for our rights, our right to be beautiful. It's not the modelling that's important, it's being comfortable in our own skin, it's being able to show the world that being small has it's benefits and it's about being able to shout out to the world that hey, I'm 5 foot nothing and I am beautiful and sexy, and no more smaller in presence than girls who are 6 foot tall! =)

One of my best friends, Sharin, is 5' 11". We go out together all the time, sometimes even when she's in heels and I'm in sneakers! Haha..

Two photos to show you how well tall and short complement each other:
With the emcee Moe Alkaff at an event
At the Ge Ling "Scruples" hair show we did together

So shorties out there, love what your mama gave ya, and work it!! =D

Heal The World

What is happening to our world? It seems like it's one natural disaster after the other. We're only into the third month of the year, and already we've hadthe Brazilian floodsand the Australian floods

cyclones in Madagascar and the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale (February)Even a house of God cannot be spared.

and now the 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan, which caused a 10 metre Tsunami, not to mention the threat of nuclear emergencies.
How did you feel after seeing/reading the news of these tragedies? For me personally, I was exceptionally upset when I heard of the Japanese quake, because it happened on the exact same day as the YUM Champions were flying home from Singapore, after having such a good time at the 3-day recognition event (I was in Singapore at the time coordinating this event with Moezik, and got to know some of the Champions, who came from all over the Asia Pacific, including Japan and Indonesia, who also had Mount Karangetang (a volcano) erupt merely four hours after the horrendous devastation in Japan). Can you even begin to imagine flying home to such devastation? =(

I was even more upset when I got on facebook, and saw inappropriate comments by a few people on my newsfeed (who consequently have been deleted from my friends list). How can you say such inconsiderate things when so many people have died, lost family members, and are fighting to survive? I'm not going to repeat any of their remarks here, because they make me so angry, but please, find your heart before you call yourself a human being. You may think you're indestructible, but let me remind you that what happens to others, could always, one day, happen to you.

My heart goes out to the people in all of these countries. What can we do except watch helplessly as people struggle to survive? How many Earth Hours will it take to actually make a difference? Truth of the matter is, we have angered Mother Nature, and these are her repercussions. No, we cant stop natural disasters from happening, but we can do our part to help the victims, and help our world heal. I know I dont need to make a list of things we should do to help our environment, we're told all the time. But how many of us actually do them?

Take Earth Hour for example. Some of us poo pah it as being nothing but a trend to follow, others cant even be bothered to know. What we need to realise is, Earth Hour alone may not be able to turn our world around; one hour a year may not be significant in one household, but if, like last year, millions of people in 128 countries switch off the electricity for that one hour, how much energy will we save? The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur during Earth Hour 2010

Earth Hour was started to take a stand against climate change, as a symbol of hope for a cause that drastically needs our attention. It never promised that by participating in this, it alone would make up for the damage mankind has done, but it has succeeded in banding us all together to be a candle (no pun intended) of determination. I have already pledged to support Earth Hour 2011, and you can too: year, Miranda Kerr has the honour of being the ambassador for Earth Hour 2011.Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, left with us songs like Earth Song (Did you ever stop to notice The crying Earth the weeping shores),

We Are The World (There's a choice we're making We're saving our own lives),

Man In The Mirror (If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change),

and Heal the World(And the world we once believed in Will shine again in grace).

But celebrities alone cant stop what is happening. The fate of the earth lies within us, mankind. No other creature has ever left behind such destruction as we have. So let's try to do right by what we have done wrong. Let us all join hands against pollution and waste, and do our best, to heal the world.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Published! In a way.. ;p

Hey guys, remember I wrote an article about candy bras a couple of months ago? Here it is if you need to refresh your memory:

Well, they approached me to write an article for them, and they loved it! =) What do you think? Take a read here:

or here:!/note.php?note_id=162980400418240

Leave me your thoughts! =D


Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Purpose of Dreams

Ok.. The night after I wrote my last post, I actually got a really bad headache and fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.. I dreamt of the weirdest things, and woke up with a cramped arm and a very heavy head.. I could tell I'd been in a really deep sleep.. As with all dreams, I couldnt remember much, but the clearest part of the dream was me picking up an extremely small baby.. So what do I do? Dream Dictionary! =) And guess what?

To dream of an extremely small baby, symbolizes your helplessness and your fears of letting others become aware of your vulnerabilities and incompetence. You may be afraid to ask for help and as a result tend to take matters into your own

=O That sounds almost exactly right! I've always found dream interpretation interesting, and really got into it when my friend Amal started lending me her dream book from time to time.. Then I stated looking them up online, and am still looking for my own personal dream book..

Dreams supposedly deal with problems we can't solve in waking life and offer solutions. The reason we have dreams, is because our minds somehow want us to figure out why we feel the way we do, or telling us things we subconsciously know, but are suppressing unwillingly. I once read somewhere that most people dream in black & white, and also that most people have silent dreams. I personally disagree with both these statements as I always remember having conversations in my dreams, and also remember different colours of things!

I like interpreting my dreams.. They always come out associated with something that is going on in my life, and how can I disbelieve something that proves itself again and again? =) It's always interesting.. And most dreams are always about the weirdest, most random stuff, that when you go deeper into it, always mean something totally sane and in tune with your life! I suggest you try it sometime.. You may be surprised.. ;p

What's the weirdest dream YOU remember having? Do share! =)


Friday, 4 March 2011

Poem of Sadness

I wrote this a couple of months ago, in December I think.. Then everything was fine so I just tucked it away, until this week. It was written while lying in bed, unable to sleep, on my handphone, and hasnt been edited at all, so dont judge too harshly k? Not to mention I havent written any poems for years.. Lol.. =)

This week hasnt been a good one, most of it has been miserable.. The normal problems came along, worse than ever, and to top it all off, as I've learnt once again, there's a reason I never let anyone see me upset. Ever.

So here it is, on the internet, the only place I'm ever comfortable letting out some of my emotions..

All alone...
I feel so lonely,
Feel like I’m on the outside looking in.

My pain...
Not visible...
But it runs deep,
Carefully concealed by the mask I'm so used to wearing.

Let no one see the unhappiness...
Let no one see the ache in your heart...

Life is full of them, oh yes...
But must you be the bearer of so much sorrow?
Are we so different that everything must hurt so?

Be gone!
But wait...
My soul feels so empty without you...

Ah - love...
It twists our minds so,
Turning the obvious into a blur...

I feel it needs a better ending, but that's what came to me at the time, so that's what I'm posting up.. I dont want to over-edit and lose what I was feeling that night..

But yes, how I wish I could crawl into my big, lonely bed right now and curl up, cry my eyes out, and paste my smile on by the morning... Rather than getting to the edge of a cliff, and being pushed off the edge.. Cz really, when you need someone most, they're usually not gonna be there for you anyway.. Sigh.. I'm not as strong as everyone thinks I am, and trusting people has always been a problem for me, and it just seems the older you get the harder it is.. =(

Wow.. I think this is my most depressive / soul-bearing post yet.. Lol.. You can just ignore it if it makes you uncomfortable.. I just needed an outlet.. =) I had a lot of amazing support from some of you on facebook, and it really held me together.. Thanks so much for caring..

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Of TVCs and Video Work..

Well as I think EVERYONE has seen (it's been shown for almost a year now, and so many people have come up to me or asked me on facebook whether it was me! =O) the Daia Washing Detergent TVC I did last year, it's only right for me to talk about TV / video work I've done! These are even less than my shoots, but great experience and great exposure so.. Happy! =)

So here are some of the clips I could download:

Honda 'Green' In-house Video

Maybelline / Remaja TV3 "Jom Bermekap Bersama Liyana Jasmay" - BB Cream BFF Baru

Maybelline / Remaja TV3 "Jom Bermekap Bersama Liyana Jasmay" - Saya Sayang Bibir

Claytan Tableware (Shown on TV9)

Daia Washing Detergent (Shown on TV2, TV3, NTV7, 8tv, AEC, Wah Loi Toi...)

I was also an extra in a Standard Chartered TVC, a Johnny Walker TVC, and a Celcom TVC.. I also had a small part in an upcoming Mandarin drama called <追影。筑梦>. I was a secretary.. It's showing on 8tv as we speak.. =)

So what dya think? I know I know, I gotta work on my acting a bit, but hey, practice makes perfect as usual right? =)