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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

It Makes It All Worthwhile

Remember the number the game that was happening on facebook last year?
You can go here to refresh your memory.. =)

Well, someone else was playing, a friend named Abigail, so I messaged her my number and what she wrote just made me feel all warm inside:
U are the first kawan orang putih (i mean half orang putih) yg saya perna make friends with..Seriously..
Kesian kan...haha..
Neways, u are extremely beautiful, pretty & gorgeous macam Mariah Carey..!!!
And also, u are the reason why I love my height.. =)
What about that was so special? The last sentence. When I know I have inspired or helped pull out the confidence of other girls like me, I know all the obstacles to become a petite model are worth it. At the end of the day, I may not become a supermodel, I may not even be remembered a few months down the line, but I fought for our rights, our right to be beautiful. It's not the modelling that's important, it's being comfortable in our own skin, it's being able to show the world that being small has it's benefits and it's about being able to shout out to the world that hey, I'm 5 foot nothing and I am beautiful and sexy, and no more smaller in presence than girls who are 6 foot tall! =)

One of my best friends, Sharin, is 5' 11". We go out together all the time, sometimes even when she's in heels and I'm in sneakers! Haha..

Two photos to show you how well tall and short complement each other:
With the emcee Moe Alkaff at an event
At the Ge Ling "Scruples" hair show we did together

So shorties out there, love what your mama gave ya, and work it!! =D


  1. No matter your size, if you're model material, then you are! It's not your height that's the problem, it's the industry perception of what is normal.
    The whole industry needs new blood and new creativity; they need to think out of the box.
    When will it happen???
    Stay cool ladies of challenged height ... you are beautiful.
    To the people in the industry, I say: little people have alot of power too, beware.

  2. Haha.. Thanks AAC!! I do hope I am model material, and I know some great petite girls who definitely are!

    Here's hoping the industry sees past the obvious ey? ;p