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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Of TVCs and Video Work..

Well as I think EVERYONE has seen (it's been shown for almost a year now, and so many people have come up to me or asked me on facebook whether it was me! =O) the Daia Washing Detergent TVC I did last year, it's only right for me to talk about TV / video work I've done! These are even less than my shoots, but great experience and great exposure so.. Happy! =)

So here are some of the clips I could download:

Honda 'Green' In-house Video

Maybelline / Remaja TV3 "Jom Bermekap Bersama Liyana Jasmay" - BB Cream BFF Baru

Maybelline / Remaja TV3 "Jom Bermekap Bersama Liyana Jasmay" - Saya Sayang Bibir

Claytan Tableware (Shown on TV9)

Daia Washing Detergent (Shown on TV2, TV3, NTV7, 8tv, AEC, Wah Loi Toi...)

I was also an extra in a Standard Chartered TVC, a Johnny Walker TVC, and a Celcom TVC.. I also had a small part in an upcoming Mandarin drama called <追影。筑梦>. I was a secretary.. It's showing on 8tv as we speak.. =)

So what dya think? I know I know, I gotta work on my acting a bit, but hey, practice makes perfect as usual right? =)

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