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Monday, 7 September 2015

Celebrity Gossip: How to Keep in the Loop!

Taylor Swift has had every hair colour by now, and looks good in all!
The life of a celebrity, whether we like them or not, is something we all seem to get sucked into, one way or another. From their next career move, to their private lives, curiosity seems to get the better of us, especially with so many attention-grabbing headlines that seem to pop up almost everywhere! Nowadays, quenching your thirst for celebrity gossip is simply a click away, but here are some tips to make sure you're always in the know:

Go to Events: 
An excellent way to find out what’s happening with your favourite celebrities is to attend the same events. There are many events that happen these days that celebrities will attend - they might be film premieres, gallery openings or festivals. And the good news is, you can attend these events too. As someone who works in events, I've been lucky enough to meet my fair share of stars in the past. So I’d recommend visiting any of the events that will have celebrities in attendance. This is a great way to find out more about them, and you might even be in a position to strike up a conversation with them as well! Just don't go totally fan-girl and creep them out, ok? =P

Social Media Sites:
One of the most powerful forms of interaction these days is through the use of social media. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are free and easy to use, and what’s more, you’ll find that many celebrities are active on these sites - some even have social media to thank for pushing them that much faster up the star ladder. You have the opportunity to interact with these celebrities on a more personal level, but you can also choose to just keep an eye on them, and follow stories about them. The power of social media should not be underestimated, and I can’t tell you the number of things I’ve found out about celebs from these sites. My social media is linked above if you'd like to follow me too! =)
Read Magazines and Go Online:
There are a LOT of magazines in publication these days dedicated to celebrity gossip, and there's usually a section at the supermarket/book store dedicated solely to these gossip mags. It’s a wealth of celebrity information right at your fingertips. Going online and doing "research" is as easy as typing the name of the celeb you're interested in into Google search, and tons of sites detailing the latest juicy details, as well as interesting facts such as their early life and earnings will pop up, like,, or even good old Wikipedia. These are quick and affordable ways to find out all you can about your favourite stars.
Gossip With Girlfriends:
As if you don't already have tons to gossip about with the girlies! One of the best forms of keeping in the loop is to have a regular gossip with your girlfriends. I have a couple of close friends who I like to keep in contact with on the regular. We message or talk on the phone a lot, and we’re always trading celebrity stories and titbits. This is an excellent way of keeping up with all the latest gossip. You should think about doing this, and you may find you get details you weren’t aware of before.
What's the latest on the Biebs? Google it!
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If you’re anything like me (and don’t bother trying to deny it!), there’s no doubt you’ll want to keep up with the latest celebrity gossip. I hope these tips help you out, and who knows? Maybe next time your friends will all come running to you for the latest info!

Drop me a comment to let me know if you enjoyed this guide, and if you'd like more in the future!

'Til next time,
Calista xx

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  1. First time visits here, nice blog and sharing, I wish you to have a happy day~ =D

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

  2. Love your site, will definitely visit again.

    In my research for my blog, I keep up to date on the latest Celeb Gossip and love it not just for the entertainment value but for the motivation and inspiration their stories bring. It would be strange one day if I actually meet them in person. It would be difficult not to just give them a hug like an old Facebook friend you have not seen in a while.