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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Vanessa Hudgens Eat Your Heart Out: Create the Perfect Boho Look with these Tips

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The boho look is a great look for women who want to look pretty and cool, while staying comfortable and casual. It’s the perfect look for a festival or holiday, but you can make it work all year round too! These tips will help you to create the boho look yourself:

Invest in Different Pieces of Headgear

The boho look nearly always has something interesting going on head-wise, whether this is in the form of a flower crown, head chain, bandana, or something else entirely. Having different pieces of headgear to reach for will allow you to keep your looks varied and interesting. You don’t always need to wear something on your head, but it can make a boho look even better. It’s also a great idea for a special occasion!

Use Different Materials and Textures

Different materials and textures will make your look more three-dimensional. Play around with a handful of different fabrics, and use textures like fringing to add more oomph. The boho look is all about creating interest with materials and textures. By doing your clothes shopping online, you’ll find a ton of different textures that work for this look.

Channel a 60s/70s Vibe

Although not always essential, the boho look can sometimes be a great way to throwback to the 60s and 70s. Wear flared trousers, bell sleeves, and anything else that screams ‘boho!’ to you from these decades. Channel your inner hippy chick by looking at pictures and taking inspiration! You can even wear vintage pieces to help you channel the look you want. Just don’t dress head to toe in vintage, as you might end up looking a little fancy dress!


Stick to Earthy Tones

The best boho looks are pretty much always created using earthy, natural tones. You should look for pieces in shades like blue, red, green, yellow, brown, and beige. Anything that has a really natural feel to it, and nothing bright or neon.

Layer Your Accessories

Layer your accessories to create an even better boho look. You should wear multiple necklaces and bangles, maybe even rings. The boho look always includes lots of different jewellery pieces layered in just the right way. Make sure you mix metals and materials here too, so that you create an even cooler look! Just don’t over accessorize, as you can look like you’re trying too hard.

Gladiator Sandals or Boots

Have you ever spotted a boho chick wearing trainers? I doubt it! Gladiator sandals or boots are the usual footwear for the boho style, so make sure you find some that you really like. Gladiator sandals are perfect for summer, and boots are great for other times of year. I just love incorporating cool items like gladiator sandals into my looks!

The more you put these tips into practice, the better you’ll get at channeling the perfect boho look. Vanessa Hudgens will have competition with you in town! Leave any of your own tips and thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you. Come back soon!

Live. Laugh. Love.
Calista xx

*This post was contributed by a guest blogger.


  1. Bohemian styles are pretty cool... not so hippy but still fashionable :)

    1. Yeah, it's great for those days you just wanna be comfortable but still stylish!