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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Finally on BlogLovin!

Hey guys!

So I'm finally on Bloglovin'! I'd heard about it before of course, but only just decided to sign up and see what it is. If you're also a member of Bloglovin', do follow me on there, or if you like reading my blog, you can Follow my blog with Bloglovin for all the latest updates! =)

See you there,
Calista xx

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

What You Should Know About Travelling On Your Own

Sometimes you really need a getaway, but no one else can get away with taking time off to join you (pun intended). Or maybe you're excited about visiting a place where none of your other friends seem interested in. This can definitely be a bummer , but all is not lost! You could still make the scary decision of.. Travelling on your own. 
Get on that plane!

Wait! Travelling on your own, whether you’re just going for a holiday or an extended period of time, can be a great idea. In fact, most people who have done it will tell you that they had the time of their lives! So many people say that travelling alone is something everybody should do at least once - I promise it's not that scary after all! Imagine: doing everything you want to do with no restrictions, meeting new people, and making memories for life! Here are a few things you should know about travelling on your own if you’re still dubious about it:

You Can Get to Know Yourself a Lot Better
Travelling alone is the perfect opportunity to get to know yourself a lot better. Some say that you can’t have great relationships with anybody else if you don’t already have the best relationship with yourself. Spending time on your own in an unfamiliar place is the best way to get to know yourself and become comfortable spending time alone. You’ll then find that your relationship with other people is greatly improved!

You Should Go Somewhere With Lots of Good Reviews
As travelling or holidaying alone can be dangerous, you’re much better off going to a place with lots of good reviews. You’ll never find a place with 100% good reviews, but you will find somewhere with a majority of them. Research everything: accommodation, the kinds of restaurants you’re interested in, activities, and more. The more you know about a place before you set off, the better!

Always Research Safety Issues in the Area Before You Leave
Depending on where you go, there may be different safety issues to consider. Make sure you read up on them and then take precautions to keep yourself safe. There are all kinds of things you can do, from leaving a note in your room, to making sure you don’t drink too much. Making friends is great, but you must keep your wits about you.

Have Emergency Numbers and Plans on Hand Just In Case
You never know what might happen, so have emergency numbers and plans on hand just in case something goes wrong. Pre-empt certain situations and then think about how you’ll help yourself should they arrive. It might not be too much fun to consider, but you'll be glad you’re prepared when you arrive.
You Should Attempt the Language
Learning a few words and phrases can make your time in this place so much better. Even if you aren’t very good, don’t be afraid to give it a go. The locals will likely be impressed and you might even get special treatment.

Your Confidence Will Skyrocket
You should find that travelling alone increases your confidence to no end. You’ll find endless reasons to be proud of yourself!

You’ll Probably Make Great Friends
Travelling alone is a brilliant opportunity to make great friends. Keep an open mind and you’ll have some unforgettable experiences!

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to feel excited about travelling alone. Leave any thoughts you have below, and have an amazing time on your travels!

Dreaming of the next trip,
Calista xx

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

How to: Your Guide to Throwing an Awesome House Party

Ever been in that weird limbo of wanting to party, but at the same time you can't really be bothered to leave the house? In the words of Sam Hunt: If you're gonna be a homebody, We're gonna have a house party! 
House parties can be so much fun, and are a nice change from going out and spending way too much money. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that everybody is having a good time. Take a look:

Put Away Valuables
Grab everything you would be afraid to lose or get broken and put them away somewhere safe. Lock them away or take them to a friend’s house if you need to, just don’t leave them anywhere they can become damaged. I don’t know how rowdy this house party is going to get, so I’m just giving you some sensible advice!

Lock Doors
A house party doesn't mean you have to let your home be a free-for-all! If you want people to stay in the living room, for instance, you’re going to need to lock or barricade other doors. You don’t know what people might get up to in your bedroom when your back is turned (just saying)!

Make Signs to the Bathroom
Everybody is going to need the bathroom, so make signs up there so nobody ends up ‘accidentally’ taking a nap in your mum and dads room, or worse yet going to the toilet in the wardrobe. This is especially important if people are likely to drink so much that they're sick. Do you want to scrub puke out of your carpets? Didn't think so!

Create a Playlist
Create a playlist so you can set the atmosphere of your party. You can easily do this with Spotify, but there are a ton of other applications you can use too. Make sure it’s long enough that certain songs don’t repeat. If you’re having a themed party, make sure your playlist matches the theme!

Only Tell A Select Few
We’ve all heard the horror stories. Somebody announces their house party on social media and the whole town turns up and trashes their place. Only tell people you trust about the party. It’s always a bad idea making it a ‘more the merrier’ event, especially if you don’t know people. You could consider asking them to bring a plus one if you want some newbies there, but tell them to keep it on the low. Don’t ever let people you don’t know into your home!

Drinking games can bring any party to life!credit
Have Plenty to Drink
You might want to tell people to bring their own drinks, but if you want to be a good host, you should have something to offer them too. If you run out, you can always head to the closest liquor store, but you won’t want to leave the party for too long, so stocking up beforehand is definitely advisable. Keeping an eye on things is important, or it could all go awry!

Buy a Few Snacks
People may need snacks to soak up the alcohol, and you don’t want them to be tempted to raid your fridge or cupboards. Buy some snacks to keep them happy. You could even order pizza later on in the night.

Pre-book Taxis
One issue with parties is having people outstay their welcome. Have taxis pre-booked for the time you think you’ll want everybody to leave. This way, you don’t have to worry about kicking them out the next day either!

Have a great party, and be sensible!

Waiting for the invite,
Calista xx

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Monday, 7 September 2015

Celebrity Gossip: How to Keep in the Loop!

Taylor Swift has had every hair colour by now, and looks good in all!
The life of a celebrity, whether we like them or not, is something we all seem to get sucked into, one way or another. From their next career move, to their private lives, curiosity seems to get the better of us, especially with so many attention-grabbing headlines that seem to pop up almost everywhere! Nowadays, quenching your thirst for celebrity gossip is simply a click away, but here are some tips to make sure you're always in the know:

Go to Events: 
An excellent way to find out what’s happening with your favourite celebrities is to attend the same events. There are many events that happen these days that celebrities will attend - they might be film premieres, gallery openings or festivals. And the good news is, you can attend these events too. As someone who works in events, I've been lucky enough to meet my fair share of stars in the past. So I’d recommend visiting any of the events that will have celebrities in attendance. This is a great way to find out more about them, and you might even be in a position to strike up a conversation with them as well! Just don't go totally fan-girl and creep them out, ok? =P

Social Media Sites:
One of the most powerful forms of interaction these days is through the use of social media. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are free and easy to use, and what’s more, you’ll find that many celebrities are active on these sites - some even have social media to thank for pushing them that much faster up the star ladder. You have the opportunity to interact with these celebrities on a more personal level, but you can also choose to just keep an eye on them, and follow stories about them. The power of social media should not be underestimated, and I can’t tell you the number of things I’ve found out about celebs from these sites. My social media is linked above if you'd like to follow me too! =)
Read Magazines and Go Online:
There are a LOT of magazines in publication these days dedicated to celebrity gossip, and there's usually a section at the supermarket/book store dedicated solely to these gossip mags. It’s a wealth of celebrity information right at your fingertips. Going online and doing "research" is as easy as typing the name of the celeb you're interested in into Google search, and tons of sites detailing the latest juicy details, as well as interesting facts such as their early life and earnings will pop up, like,, or even good old Wikipedia. These are quick and affordable ways to find out all you can about your favourite stars.
Gossip With Girlfriends:
As if you don't already have tons to gossip about with the girlies! One of the best forms of keeping in the loop is to have a regular gossip with your girlfriends. I have a couple of close friends who I like to keep in contact with on the regular. We message or talk on the phone a lot, and we’re always trading celebrity stories and titbits. This is an excellent way of keeping up with all the latest gossip. You should think about doing this, and you may find you get details you weren’t aware of before.
What's the latest on the Biebs? Google it!
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If you’re anything like me (and don’t bother trying to deny it!), there’s no doubt you’ll want to keep up with the latest celebrity gossip. I hope these tips help you out, and who knows? Maybe next time your friends will all come running to you for the latest info!

Drop me a comment to let me know if you enjoyed this guide, and if you'd like more in the future!

'Til next time,
Calista xx

*This is a contributed post.