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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Luxury Traveler? Awesome Modes Of Travel To Try Before You Die

Travel isn’t for everyone. Those cramped seats and long waits can be horrendous. Then there is that ominous odor that just won’t quit. Traffic jams, flight cancellations, and terrible food are just a few of the things that put people off going places. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You could enjoy the journey as well as the destination. Have a look at some of these incredibly luxurious ways to travel:

Private Jet
OK, so flying doesn’t appeal to everybody. But if you had your own private jet to fly about in, you might change your mind! Luxury leather seats, lots of legroom, and proper cutlery for your chef-selected meal sounds like heaven. If you haven’t got the garage space at home for your own plane, you can always charter a private flight at your convenience from your local airport. Get where you need to go without all the long queues.

Luxury RV
There are lots of types of motorhome that can cater for large family groups, partygoers, and even fashionable celebrities. Many of them are incredibly luxurious inside. If you’ve got a long road trip, forget the convertible. It’s comfort and air conditioning you need. Your own kitchenette on the go, plus a shower to cool down sounds perfect for a long journey by road. And if you’re tired, just pull over, and enjoy a well-deserved rest in a king size bed.

If the journey’s not quite that long, you might fancy being driven. A chauffeur driven limousine is the perfect way to start a night out on the town. No taxis to hail, no worrying about having that extra tipple. And you can make an incredible entrance too! The door to door service is typical, but many people hire the car for an entire evening, making it easier to travel from venue to venue.

A luxury cruise liner offers you the very best of everything. A beautiful suite with your own butler and balcony could be just the start. You’ll have amazing entertainment acts to enjoy. And the dining couldn’t be better. Best of all, you can choose what you want to eat, where you want to eat, and what time you want it served. There are spas, jacuzzis, pools and gyms to enjoy too. Choose the Caribbean, Europe or even the Far East to hop on and off for some shopping.

Of course, you may want a more personal service and a lot more privacy while at sea. However, most people that hire a luxury yacht tend to stay moored at a luxury resort or secluded island. Enjoy bobbing about or, jump in for a swim. Choose a sunny venue, or just sail around to your New Hampshire mansion. The choice is yours.

Living the lifestyle of the rich and famous would be a dream come true for most of us. Of course, there may be a few financial hiccups along the way! But if you’re looking for that once in a lifetime experience, why not try one of these awesome modes of travel?

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