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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Unmissable Tips To Visit Beautiful Malaysia On A Budget

A lot of people are choosing to come to Malaysia for their next holiday, and I'm not surprised; there is so much to see and do that makes it an unforgettable holiday! However, it’s not always the cheapest country in the world, and if you are strapped for cash, it might put you off going. Don't fret! Here are some unmissable tips to visit beautiful Malaysia on a budget and still have a very good time.

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Fly cheaply and make stops
You can fly many different airlines to visit Malaysia, including Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines. If you want to travel cheaply, you should keep an eye out to see when these airlines have deals on. As this article explains, if you set up for flight alerts, they will let you know about deals that will save you a whole lotta money. Also, the day and date you go will make a big difference to the price, therefore try to depart on weekdays when fewer seats will be booked, and if you are travelling from very far away, you should choose a flight which has one or two stops if you want to make it cheaper. You might get to stop somewhere great to look around and it can make the cost a lot less!

Visit the less well-known areas
A lot of people head to Borneo and the capital city Kuala Lumpur when they are visiting Malaysia, and it's easy to see why! But don't forget you can also head to a smaller city such as Kota Bharu to experience a different side of Malaysia (you can see more on my previous blog). The prices of hotels and food are a lot more cost-effective if you are on a budget.

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Stay in a budget hotel
You can also save money on your trip to Malaysia by looking for budget-friendly hotels. After all, you are going to be looking around the area, not to be just sitting in your hotel room. It doesn’t need to be five star resort to have a great trip, however, make sure you do read the reviews before you book so that you know it’s clean and safe. You can look online to explore budget hotels in Malaysia that will be great to stay in. Also, you can save some money on your hotel price by booking out of high-season. You will get a lower price and will have more to spend on the rest of your trip.

Use public transport
A lot of people are put off using public transport in a different place. After all, you might not speak the language and could easily get lost. However, it will save you a lot of money if you do use the bus and train during your visit. As this article says, the local subways and bus services are quite easy to get around, so you will hopefully not get lost during your visit!

Also, make sure you buy food from the street stalls instead of restaurants if you want to save some cash. You will find some excellent food on the stalls that will often be a lot nicer than in the expensive restaurants!

A special Malaysia post will be coming up soon, especially for Malaysia Day month, so make sure you follow this blog!

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