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Friday, 18 March 2016

Sun, Shopping & Celebrity Scouting in the South Of France: Why You Have to Take The Trip

The South of France has rightly been considered one of the most glamourous and elegant destinations in the world. Year round, the region attracts some of the world’s wealthiest stars and celebrities. Festival season, shopping, and legendary parties abound, what many people won’t tell you though is how varied and welcoming the region is. You don’t have to be an A-lister to enjoy some of the spectacular coastal views and rural beauty. Wine tasting, seafood restaurants, and relaxing in the golden sun can all be enjoyed, whatever your taste and budget. Read on for some of the most unmissable spots.

St Tropez

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The famous self-tanner gets its name from the glamourous location where a bronzed, glowing look is always popular. Yachts line the harbour and serve as locations for tours or parties. The endlessly lazy sunny days give way to a lively (and often expensive) nightlife. If you want to see celebrities in their natural habitat then go to the source: St Tropez swarms with the rich and famous, but also everyone in between. For holidaymakers and French natives alike, it’s an opportunity not to be missed!

Gorges Du Verdon

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This breathtaking river at the foot of a dramatic 700 metre drop is a popular destination for those who love the outdoors. The rolling hillside of Provence surrounds the azure water. You’ll be spoiled for choice for walking, hiking, and kayaking spots. This is a particularly popular spot for active families. Pack a picnic and plenty of sun lotion to make an unforgettable day of it.


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This historical city boasts many visible relics of its Roman past. Frequented by Emperors and the Roman elite in its day, today the city still features an amphitheatre and the Maison CarrĂ©e. A popular site for history buffs and shopping addicts alike. The cobbled streets are bursting with boutiques and rare finds you may not discover anywhere else in the world. February’s vibrant Carnival is a particularly popular annual event. But the excellent art galleries and bustling atmosphere make it a favourite all year round.

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Don’t let the long stretch of golden sandy beach fool you. Montpellier has a thriving business district and some ultra-modern architecture. The city provides a change of pace from the rest of Southern France’s coast and hillside. But it still maintains an element of easy-going charm. The old town centre is a fascinating glimpse into the past and the tramway network is an exhilarating way to get from place to place. Be sure to check out some of the museum exhibits that have made the city famous.

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This quiet, unassuming town has a charming beach and is only a few miles from the Spanish border. A heady mix of French, Catalan, and Mediterranean culture is the outcome, reflected by the wonderful art and fragrant food. After a delicious seafood meal or fresh tapas, wander down to one of the beach’s sheltered coves and swim until the sun goes down. The town is popular but rarely crowded, so perfect for a visit.

So next time you're in Europe, make sure you don't forget to make a trip to the South of France; it might just become the highlight of your holiday!

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