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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Make Your Next Trip A Little More Memorable

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Taking a vacation is a lot of work!  We put a lot of time and thought into choosing the right place and settling on the details, making sure that we will come away from our holidays with incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

Sometimes though, it’s nice to come home with a physical reminder of your getaway, and regardless of where you have been, there are always great ideas for bringing home a little piece of your destination with you.

If you are heading to Africa, you could consider purchasing precious stones. There is a booming diamond industry and this could be your chance to buy something that seems impossible back at home. Buying the jewel on it’s own means you could design your own bespoke earrings or necklace and wear a little piece of your trip everyday.  It’s worth getting in touch with an expert like Whiteflash Review to get some buying tips, and to check your stone when you come home, so you can get it authenticated if you haven’t already.

Italy is a beautiful country and lurking within the ocean are delicate pieces of red coral which are native to the amalfi coast.  There are lots of little markets which sell necklaces and bracelets made from this striking coral and whilst it is now protected so you cannot dive for it yourself, you can still take home a small treasure to remind you of the rolling Italian coastline.

Heading to Japan, Malaysia,  Australia or the Philippines means you are in the top countries for finding black sea pearls or black freshwater pearls.  There is something really mysterious about a black pearl as we are accustomed to the white or pink versions.  You can dive for these yourself or buy them ready-strung in shops or at the market.  Diving for your own will add even more adventure to the story behind your beautiful keepsake and will bring you back memories when you are feeling nostalgic.  

Head out to India to discover a world full of silk at incredible prices.  The colours will be vibrant and the material so smooth and indulgent.  Take advantage of the incredible skills of the Indian people and have a dress made personally for you.  Perhaps going for something western with some nods to Indian culture.  There are loads of places in Delhi that will happily recreate a dress you have seen on the internet whilst putting their own unique twist on it.

When you book your next trip, research the area and find out what luxury item it is famous for.  Then get creative, go small or bold and bring home more than just a memory from your favourite countries.

Love always,
Calista xx

*This post is contributed. The ideas may not correspond to the blog owner's beliefs.Always do your own research to make sure your souvenirs/travel plans match up to your own level of ethics, so you can have fun AND stay guilt-free! =)