Smoking hot MODELS!! =D

27 April 2011

After seeing the video for Aldo's latest collection (see video here), I decided to dig around for some of the featured models' other campaigns:

Lily DonaldsonAldo Spring/Summer 2011
Burberry Beauty 2011 with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Nina Porter
Monsoon Spring/Summer 2011
Kenzo Fall/Winter '10/'11
Gucci Fall/Winter '08/'09
Lanvin 2005 "Symmetry as Perfection"

Lily is a British model who is the same age as me!! But way more successful, obviously.. Haha.. I just love her look!!

Sean O'Pry
Aldo Spring/Summer 2011
CK Accessories Spring/Summer 2011 with Liu WenGiorgio Armani Fall/Winter '09/'10DKNY Fall/Winter '09/'10 with Corey Baptiste, Mathias Bergh and Jake DaviesM Jeans Fall/Winter 2010ZioZia Spring/Summer 2010

Sean is only 21, but has more than a few campaigns under his belt! He's actually ranked as the world's second most successful male model as of 2011.. Smoking baby!! ;p

Stay tuned for more models soon..!!


  1. This post was just a little depressing...

  2. Aww.. It's ok.. They cant bake / cook nearly as good as you can, I bet!! We are awesome in different ways! ;p