Property Hunting - What Are Your Methods?

30 May 2011

When it comes to buying property, we all have our headaches. Which area is better? How can I get an unbiased opinion on different tamans, condos, apartments etc? Where can I get the best bargains? And the list goes on.

Most of us go through newspapers for ads, ask friends' opinions, or just drive around looking for areas that seem interesting to us. A lot of us nowadays also go on the internet and search through all sorts of sites looking at all the different places on offer. I, for one, like this method a lot, especially in the initial stages, and especially when you're looking for property in a different town or state.

Say for instance you were looking for property in Penang, and you were currently living in KL. All you would have to do would be to google "Penang Condo For Sale", and a million and one links would come up. How easy is that? =) The harder part comes when you need to sort through those links.. ;p One site I've visited even comes with a mortgage calculator, so you can calculate the exact price range etc that is available to you! =) Also available are satellite maps, and you can even ask questions and get real answers! Hmm.. Easier than the good old days when all you could rely on was word of mouth ey? ;p

Looking for a property site that has info listed about each location/development is also a good way to lighten your stress. Make sure you check out the facilities, tenure, build-up (square feet) etc to be sure of what you're getting yourself into.

Even though property sites are an easy way to check out more options, when you've narrowed down the choices do remember that not everything you read is true, and make a trip to check out those places in person. Buying property is no laughing matter; if you don't know for certain what you're getting yourself into, you could be left with a lot of unwanted debt. House hunting can be fun, so go on, whether for investment or for personal use, check out some of the available property in your dream area online.. Hey, your dream house could be just around the corner......

Moonlight Bay, Batu Ferringhi

So. My question for YOU is - What are your tried and trusted methods for searching / buying property? Drop me a comment letting me know! =)




  2. That's the site you use? =) Happy with it?